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Doc Cause
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play hi-fi  The Days Change
play hi-fi  Who I Am Ft. A-Jaxx
play hi-fi  They Don't Understand
play hi-fi  You Cant See
play hi-fi  eat a dick
play hi-fi  Dont Know Why Ft. Matic (stevo remix)
play hi-fi  The Count Down
play hi-fi  Dont Fux Around
play hi-fi  Let You Down Ft. Habeas Corpus
play hi-fi  That Mutha F*cka (Beat by DJ HOME)
Hello,I'm Dr.Cause...and I'm a Rapper.

hit me up on AIM-Drcausesays

Why this name?
I thought the sh*** sounded pretty jazzy
Do you play live?
Your influences?
canibus,dilated peoples,juice,aesop rock,sage francis,planet asia,Mr.Lif,El-p,Cage,copywrite,juice,vakill,Mos def,talib kweli,Common,Drcause,Bobby Digital,Gurru,Non-phixion,Necro,Mr.Hyde,C ray Walz,Soul Purpose,Onyx,vast aire,akrobatik,in-sight,Hi-tek,Benefit,Molemen,louis logic,Apathy,Jus Allah,Alaskin Fisherman,Mac Lethal,LSD,Thirstin Howl,RA The RuggedMan
Favorite spot?
Equipment used:
Audio Techniqua AT3035 condenser, Yamaha MG12/4 Mixer and Behringer 1202 mixer.
Anything else...?
Dr.cause is god BIATCH!
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