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John Catney
NEWS   10/13/17
It's been awhile smile :)
John has decided to not release a CD this yr and will only be releasing singles...the first single(Dark Places) will be released on the cdbaby store next week with itunes and other music sites in the coming weeks.The video Dark Places can be seen here and on youtube.Perfect video for halloween.
Dark Places
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10/13/17 @ 11:26 AM     post a comment
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John wrote this for halloween of a year ago but finished it too late.Great tune for a horror/mystery project.
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John music has been in Music Videos,TV Pilot series,Commercials.PC Games and Independent Films.A former professional musician he backed up groups from The S.O.S. Band to Lou Rawls.But an illness while serving in the U.S. Army Changed his course in music forever as he tells in his own words..."In 1983 i was wondering what would i do after suffering from a servere illness and spending most of my life learning to be a performing musician,then one afternoon i watch a movie that did not do so well at the box office in 1982...Blade Runner.it seemed every song in every scene of that film fit so well...it was like i could hear what Vangelis was feeling when he wrote Memories of Green,Blade Runner's Blues and Racheal's Theme. It was the movie and that film score that it hit me,then i knew that this was something i would very much want to do"

Comments from John in 2009.
Why this name?
My mom named me from an ex-boyfriend she was dating....true story.
Do you play live?
just songwriting only.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It has open alot of doors to the independent artists.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
i think i would :)
Band History:
John Catney started in music in 1975 at the age of 12.In 1981 he was recruited by the army and was sent to the armed forces music academy in norfolk, va for advanced training in music.After graduating in june of 1982 he was sent to the 1st Infantry Division at Ft.Riley,Ks where he performed in both parade,jazz and rock/tour bands as a sax/flute performer backing artists like lou rawls,the s.o.s. band,one way and other performers.1986 he began to work with the computer and started writing music on the computer doing various projects for gaming groups and companies.In 1997 he began working with midi-based writing and doing his own cd projects.In 2003 he did a major upgraded of his home studio to produce high quality music and today has done music for video and websites while doing solo cd projects.
Your influences?
Vangelis,Jarre,Stanley Clarke,Gustav Mahler,The Crusaders and too many other artists to name.
Favorite spot?
New Zealand
Equipment used:
Korg,Yamaha,Berhringer,Samsom,Sony,Zoom,Adobe labs software
Anything else...?
John Catney Videos:
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