HIGH RISK - 'Blitzkrieg Bop' (Ramones cover)
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Performed at 3 Clubs in Hollywood, CA on 5/28/10
New School
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We are just 3 guys that love music that were lucky enough to end up together. Our relationship shows through our performance and the energy created by us feeds into the crowd. The music is something we take great pride in and we feed off eachother in a way that alot of bands don't have the pleasure of experiencing. Our shows leave the crowd sweaty with something to talk about on the way home and laugh about the next day. It's like a concert, comedy, and workout all in one. We feel like an unstoppable force as long as we stick together, but without the chemistry mixed in from all 3, we would suck!
Why this name?
Front man Dave DiSarro chose the name HIGH RISK after getting sick of people telling him what he had to do after high school to succeed in life. He felt that it was a joke that people were saying he was at HIGH RISK of failing at the dream he was chasing. That is also why the first album was properly titled "Take the Chance" also poking fun at those who were to scared to "Take the Chance" on something different.
Do you play live?
For years we played all over RI (Living Room, Ocean Mist, Bonvue, Finbacks, and URI). We started expanding around the northeast of the country until we decided to pack our bags and head for California. We headlined the Key Club in Hollywood for our FIRST gig in town due to our agressive promotion and catchy material.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It has brought our name out better than we could ever do in this short amount of time. In our first months our music reached fans worldwide and made thousands of new ones. In 2 months we have had over 22,000 people download our music. We have had companies, labels, radio stations and fans contact us like crazy all thanks to it.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
yes, who wouldn't, anyone who says they wouldn't is lying or stupid, that's everyone's dream to be able to get paid to play.

We would be careful though. With the knowledge we have of the industry and the MANY bands we personally know, major and indie that we have spoken with, we would definately be cautious in the decision. Our dream is to be on EPITAPH...always heard great things about them.
Band History:
Artist Description

Fun fueled punk band from RI that grew at rapid pace among URI students. The bands live shows are even better then their energy packed album, "Rock Out With Your Cock Out". The band has been through ups and downs and now back up again with a more mature sound and outlook on life.

Artist History

As the originator of the band, Dave DiSarro first began the project in 2000, one year prior to the band getting together in RI. He lived in CT where he recorded the first demo, Take The Chance with his old drummer (from a band named Static) and friend Will Taylor of STS Records. Dave played many shows as High Risk, rotating members with whoever he could get to play with him. Soon after the demo was made Dave moved to Rhode Island where he met (Belligerent) Jay Gordon while working at a local pizza restaurant. They started to jam out together at Dave's house just playing covers for fun when they began playing songs from the High Risk demo. The music was starting to come together and they soon realized that they needed one last piece to complete the band. They tried a couple of people for the bass slot when they played at frat parties, but none of them worked out. Dave knew a friend in NJ (Drew Felter) who played bass and had already tried to build HIGH RISK with Dave years before. Dave invited him up to live with him over the summer and Drew caught on quick. They started playing club stages in July 2002.
Dave, Drew, and Jay hit the studio in Jan 2003 to record and release their power packed follow up, "Rock Out With Your Cock Out" with 18 songs ranging from punk, to hard rock, to slower alternative sounding songs, to even a couple rap songs. The album consisted of a remake of the 10 songs on “Take the Chance” plus new ones that were written since then. The boys played together as a power trio for a year and a half rockin out (and sometimes selling out) the stages, having a blast, and hanging out with every band and fan they could meet. They were frequently seen playing at places like The Ocean Mist (RI), Finbacks (RI), The Bonvue (RI), The Living Room (RI), The Empress Ballroom (CT) The Webster Underground (CT), and The Webster Theater (CT) and touring clubs in the northeast. The band also played for hire at frat parties, birthday and graduation parties for fans that have emailed the band.
Their up close and personal relationship with fans got the word spread about them at a rapid pace. But this wasn’t the combination HIGH RISK needed. Drew left the band in Feb 2004 in hopes of starting his own project. The band played for a while in 2004 just Dave and Jay with other performers filling in for shows. Dave played either the guitar or bass (depending on who was filling in) until they found someone who was as serious and dedicated as they are. That someone was John DeSarro. After months of trying people out they finally found someone who fit the shoe. Soon after that they also found out that John was actually related to Dave but the two had never met before.
The boys were hard at work again for months. After playing many packed shows, opening up for some great headliners, Dave, Jay, and John packed up and headed out to California in hopes of a better life. After being put through test after test, the boys found things they needed to work on first, in their lives and in the band, before giving music the shot it deserved. They called it quits in the summer of 2005.
After years of ups and downs, internal battles, and band break ups, they hit the studio together again with thoughts of using new instruments such as piano, keyboard, horns even turntables on some of the new tracks. The band is always writing and trying new ideas and new styles but always keeping their sound. Half way through the recording, John bailed on the band without much of a reason. Dave and Jay tried finishing it on their own, but didn’t have much luck. They decided it must have been in the card to get the band back together with those members. So instead, Dave decided to take Jays old drum tracks from Rcok Out With Your Cock Out and have everything else re-recorded, remixed, and remastered and then renamed it, Rock Out With Your Cock Out (RE-ROCK) adding many changes to each song. It was released in April of 2008, exactly 5 years to the date of the original release. Jay flew out to CA to join up with Dave and other musicians to perform to a small intimate crowd at Club Play in Hollywood. At the show, everyone in the crowd received copies of the new version before putting it up on the internet for digital sale.
Two years later, in 2010, Dave was working with a band called The Knockout and playing for a girl named Mixi with drummer Troy Roe. After loving being onstage performing again, he asked Troy to try to reform High Risk with him. Troy accepted and the boys brought on Jeffrey Sherman and Brandon Barta from The Knockout to play guitar and bass. The boys are hard at work putting together all the old songs, and writing new ones. They have begun to hit the stages once again and were greeted by crowds with open arms. High Risk is back again and ready to hit the studio and start touring all over again.
Their shows are a must see and were said to be one of the best shows in RI. They have shared the stage with bands such as Fall Out Boy, Simple Plan, Everclear, Acceptance, Matchbook Romance, Digger, Catch 22, Big Wig, Punchline, Lost City Angels, Pennywise, and Guttermouth. They have also been asked to open for Mest, Reel Big Fish, and New Found Glory, but do to illnesses and other reasons the boys had to turn these shows down
The band is slowly finding its way to radio play on stations like 95.5 WBRU (RI), 107.7 WCSU (CT), and 103.7 FNX (RI) and college radio stations wherever they can get on. They have been notified that they were the HIGHEST DOWNLOADED UNSIGNED BAND on Kazaa in the summer of 2003, maintained the #1 slot on the charts of Cornerband.com for over 10 weeks in a row, and have won the “30 Best band Promotion” put on by Cornerband. They were also Nominated for Buzzplay’s Best Unsigned Band in 2003 and 2004 and won URI’s battle of the bands in 2004. They have also been able to be placed on some great compilation CDs.
No matter what has happened to this band, they have stayed with it and kept rocking through the trials and problems that you come face to face with in this industry. Check them out if you have a chance!

We hope to do business with you someday soon.
Your influences?
Green Day, Blink 182, Rancid, Less Than Jake, New Found Glory, Pennywise, Offspring, Guttermouth, AFI, Sum 41, Zebrahead Rise Against, and many other artists in other genres play a huge part into us, even though we are mainly punk, or pop punk.....much more!
Favorite spot?
the G-spot (it does exist and we found it).....and BANGCOCK
Equipment used:
guitar, bass, drums, and a whole lotta energy.
Anything else...?
Don't let anyone tell you something can't be done in your life, take the lyrics from "With You" - "People try to bring us down, but I don't give a shit. To try to tell us we can't do something just makes us work even harder at it!"

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