"firesong" is the songwriting ministry of Dan Simmons

It is Dan's desire to faithfully share that which he has been given. This website will be a sampling of recordings that Dan, along with family and friends, have done over the years. There are over 250 original songs presented in demo form on this site. Special thanks go to Dan's partners in music, his daughter Amber, son Ian and the guys of Single Heart (Gene, Bob, Chris, Marty and Tata) who have joined with him to sing praises to the Lord down through the years. Dan also wishes to thank those co-writers and artists that have joined with him in developing new music the passed few years to share on this website.

Dan hopes it's evident to everyone... that though the melodies and harmonies, styles and singers may change... JESUS has always been and will always be...the Song! ...this music is one simple expression of a very thankful heart.

Dan is a retired firefighter and minister.

Over and Over
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Amber Eaker singing at the Single Heart Reunion Concert in 2007...a song written for her by dad.