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Hi! I'm Shayne (Vaughan).
Published BMI Singer/Songwriter
I write and sing Country & Christian songs.
Have cuts by Paul Mateki, Eileen Balzano, Bill Scull, Jr., Steven McLachlan, and Diane Davis.

Hope you find something enjoyable to listen to. Please let me know your favorites! These songs are currently available for recording artists.

Why this name?
It was actually chosen by my brother, who named me while I was still in my mother's womb as they watched the famous western, "Shane".
Do you play live?
I love performing at The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, TN.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I believe the Internet will continue to change the music industry in many ways. hopefully, it will encourage record companies and artists to select better material for albums, instead of the typical 2 or 3 good songs and the rest filler.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
I was less than 1 year old when my grandmother, a waitress in Park City KY, served breakfast to the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, in 1956. I was born in Portsmouth, VA. The first song I remember liking was Brenda Lee's "Sweet Nothin's".

In 1961, my family (parents Harvey and Margaret, brother Danny and sister Tyra) and I moved from Norfolk, VA to the small town of Edmonton, KY, close to where my parents were raised, and began farming. The radio was usually tuned to pop and rock music. I was most heavily influenced by The Beatles, like my sister. We'd sing Beatles' songs for our grandparents when we'd visit in Park City. I once got a Sears guitar for Christmas, but no one knew how to tune one, so it wound up gathering dust in my parents' attic.

I began my musical journey by teaching myself to play drums in 1971, after listening to "Sooner Or Later" by The Grassroots. My mom and dad decided to buy me a red sparkle Audition brand three-piece drum set for $69 from Woolco. I would listen through headphones and try to play whatever songs came on the radio. Needless to say, this chea lit didn't last long with its paper-thin drum heads. I later got a better 5-piece set of blue sparkle Sears drums for my 18th birthday.

Some friends from school formed a band, called "The Electronics", and we practiced in my dad's barn, but it was mainly for fun. Then at Western Kentucky University, I joined a rock band named "1257" and met Bill Lloyd, a friend of the lead guitarist, who would enjoy major success in the early '80s as half of the country duo, Foster and Lloyd. Unfortunately, "1257" was short-lived, so in 1975, I decided to join a local country band called The Kentucky Ridge Runners and played every weekend at The Country Jamboree, which seated 450.

I never lost my passion for pop and rock music, though. I later joined a Top 40 Pop band called Chant. I had only been with the band for two weeks when we won first place in a Battle of The Bands. I finally moved up to the "big time" with a new white Ludwig professional drum set in November 1976.

Country music was beginning to change in the later half of the 1970's and I started liking the "new" country. I borrowed my sister's classical guitar, took lessons, then bought a used Yamaha 6-string and learned through Mel Bay chord books. A friend, Gary Puckett, showed me the basics of playing bass guitar. I studied lyric writing through Sheila Davis' "The Craft Of Lyric Writing", wrote a large catalog of original country material, and pitched to Nashville publishers, the first being MCA Music. I recorded two originals in a Bowling Green studio in October 1980. Also during this period, I bought an Akai reel-to-reel recorder and learned multi-track recording, to become a "one-man band" on tape, after reading that Paul McCartney used this method to record his first solo project when he left The Beatles.

In 1981 I began playing drums for Elvis impressionist Bill Brooks and The Palace Knights at The Cave City Music Palace, Cave City KY. I left in 1982 to play a sixc-night a week show with a Top 40 band named Passion at The Literary Club, a bar in Bowling Green KY.

At different occasions, I played onstage with musicians Richard Young, Anthony Kenney, and Greg Martin, who later became famous as members of The Kentucky HeadHunters. Greg Martin has since played on three recording sessions with me.

In 1983, I sang and played drums with Shari Scott's touring Rebel Band, and backed up comedian/actor Sheb Wooley, who recorded the popular novelty song, "Purple People Eater" and starred as Pete Nolan in the popular TV western, "Rawhide". I performed again on drums with Bill Brooks and backing group Southern Jamm at the Mammoth Jamboree in Cave City KY. In 1984 we warmed up two shows for Earl Thomas Conley. That same year, I married Mary Duvall from Bee Springs KY. We had one son, Adam, who also developed an early interest in music and would later play drums in church with me on guitar. Adam has also done some studio work on drums with me.

In 1990 I secured my first song publishing contract with a Nashville publisher. I began rehearsing with a neighbor, Jeff Cawthorn, who contributed keyboard and bass guitar to my demos and introduced me to Teresa Wilson. She later became a demo singer for me...then, a friend of Teresa's personally handed one of my songs to Reba McEntire. This song as well as four others were produced by David Barrick, most famous for producing Black Stone Cherry and several Kentucky Headhunters' albums.

For a short time in 1993 I played drums again with The Kentucky Ridge Runners at a local park.

I've written over 500 songs; some locally with Junior Anderson, Chris Martin, Todd Strange and Marris Taylor in KY and others via the Internet with writers from Arizona (Robert George, Curt Haptonstal); California (Cathy Anaya, Jim DeLeo, Marvin Perkins, Robert H. Robinson); Canada (Freddy & Les Bolen, Dominique Millette); Colorado (LeeAnn Lynch); Florida (Clark Dickinson, Stan Good, Emanuel Vaughn); Indiana (Glenn Smith, Dennis Ellison); Louisianna (Tricia Baker); Michigan (Leslie McDonnell), Missouri (Don Rowe); New York (Joseph Morales); Ohio (Lloyd Kyrk); Oregon (David Harris); Pennsylvania (Tim Rose, Karen Streich); Tennessee (Diane Davis, Teresa Wilson); Texas (Scott Honea, Stuart Williamson); Washington (Kathy Wedvik); and Wisconsin (Marilyn Oakley).

Tragedy struck in 1998, as twin tornadoes destroyed my home and most of my family's belongings...fortunately no one was home. It took roughly two years for us to get back on our feet.

In 1999, I started making demos for songwriters who didn't sing or play an instrument. From this venture online, I met Kathy Wedvik, who wanted me to demo her song, "Hi-Yo Silver", a tribute to Clayton Moore, TV's "The Lone Ranger". Her publisher eventually released my demo as an independent single, which was my first recording as an artist. The next year, I recorded a 12-song country album entitled "Songs From Cedar Hill Rd.". In 2001, I wrote and recorded a 9-11 tribute single called "National Day Of Prayer" which received local airplay and proceeds went to The Red Cross. I also began writing more Christian songs at this time, and recorded my first Christian album entitled, "The Power Of Prayer".

I've had cuts by several independent artists, including Eileen Balzano, Paul Mateki (who toured Europe performing the song, which was co-written with LeeAnn Lynch), Diane Davis and Steven McLachlin(who recorded my collaboration with Marilyn Oakley).

2002 brought another Christian album to the surface, this time recorded with the help of David Birge, who owns a music park nearby and has a studio in his basement. My son Adam played drums and I played acoustic rhythm and sang lead and harmony. This album was called "For Heaven's Sake".

I continued writing, but didn't do many demos in 2003 & 2004.

2005 was the year I decided to hit some karaoke clubs and have some fun entering contests. My sister was getting the performing bug again at this time and, after some discussion, decided to perform onstage with me at The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, TN, which has been a springboard for Garth Brooks, Faith Hill, Kathy Mattea, Trisha Yearwood, Mary Chapin-Carpenter, Foster and Lloyd and many others. We enjoyed performing there immensely! Also in 2005, I played drums on a gospel recording with Oscar Sullivan ("Lonzo and Oscar").

I began 2006 with an artist performance at Calvin Ray's Live Music in Leitchfield, KY on January 14th. I returned to The Bluebird Cafe January 30th to perform with my sister.

I completed a new country album released in 2006, also some Christian songs, and will continue pitching to publishers and artists, as well as placing my songs on Soundclick.

In 2007, after a 7-year break, I returned to the drums and one of my original bands, The Kentucky Ridge Runners at the Sulphur Well Jamboree. I also began playing drums with a rock band called .44 Magnum, which featured Boone Froggett on lead guitar/vocals and John Seeley, bass guitar /vocals. We recorded one album together, after which a fire in 2009 destroyed all my belongings, which indirectly caused me to stop playing with them. I began focusing on songwriting but The Kentucky Ridgerunners let me use their house drums each weekend. I began refreshing my memory by reading books again on the commercial songwriting process.

2008 - 2011, I again got the distinct pleasure of playing drums onstage with members of The Kentucky HeadHunters (and other great musicians) at an annual event called Boerwinkle Jam, a fund raiser for Barn Lot Theater and dedicated to the memory of one our local musicians, Tommy Lane Shirley.

In February 2011, I bought a new white Sonor drum kit. I used this one mainly when The Kentucky Ridge Runners played a show away from the jamboree.

In October 2011, I made the decision to leave The Kentucky Ridgerunners to once again focus on my songwriting.

November 26, 2011 - Looking forward to jamming again at Boerwinkle Jam with members of Kentucky HeadHunters and other great musicians.

Your influences?
Beatles, Eagles, Big Tent Revival, Small Town Poets
Favorite spot?
Equipment used:
Home studio and friend's studio
Anything else...?
I hope a major recording artist will want to record one or more of my songs on here and I hope that my Christian songs will help Christians to resist temptation and help the lost ones to see the light.
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