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I am an extraordinary singer who has great musical talents all my life. I write and arrange MOST of my own original music and lyrics. I sing Ballads, R & B, some POP and REALLY... I can sing anything!! I am what you would say a cross between Pink and Faith Evans vocally AND Kelly Price and Winona Judd figure wise. LOOK I HAVE IT GOING ON, SO JUST LISTEN AND YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED OK?
Why this name?
Well, I chose TruLala because (1) I am a true blue person, no faking here, And (2) as far as the Lala part, well... people called me Lala because I would sing even as a baby and because I was always humming "lala, lala" all the time. So,I guess it just stuck with me.
Do you play live?
I have sung live in open mike clubs, and won over 10 Karaoke contests, and have done a few studio sessions. I need a bit more stage practice though, and I plan on working on that in 2007 and 2008. I also plan on working on finishing my album. It will be beautiful. BUT I have NOT played live recently since I have been working hard on many new songs PLUS I had a beautiful baby girl and needed a break. BUT Hey, I would love to play and sing live. Any one interested in hiring me? LOL!!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet is such an excellent forum for unsigned, struggling, alternative, and talented bands/singers such as myself. To have a voice for us to go is very important. To have everyone hear just how talented you can be without a recording contract makes such a difference. By having other people on the internet hear your songs, they get a true feel of who you are musically and they see that you are a serious musician. You get to network as well with others in your position which is a positive step in getting noticed. We all know HOW HARD IT IS TO GET A PROFESSIONAL MINDED PRODUCER TO TAKE YOU SERIOUS AND HELP YOU GET SIGNED BY A REPUTABLE RECORD LABEL. So, YES, the internet is a great place for bands and singers like my self to earn a name for ourselves and get heard. Hey, you just NEVER know who is listening right? I think is has revolutionized the music industry in that not all people who are signed are that talented and allot of unsighed acts are way more talented than some signed acts. Get my point?
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
Your influences?
I have many musical influences such as Bette Midler, Gloria Estefan, Pink, Celine Dion, Faith Evans, and Kelly Price. All of these women are strong performers in their own right, this is definitely true. All of them are different in some ways, BUT I encompass a little bit of all these talented women's singing abilities in my singing style. I am funny, outgoing, and have grown vocally like Bette Midler. I am Outrageous AND I am a strong singer like Pink. I am vocally available and/or capable for almost any song like Faith Evans. I am sweet and work a good challenge like Gloria Estefan. I am motivated and put myself up to vocal challenges daily like Celine Dion, and QUITE FRANKLY, I sing my ASS OFF IN THE R & B area AND I am full figured the way Kelly Price was when she started in the music industry and everyone rejected her. I really love myself JUST THE WAY I AM and I hope the recording industry will love me too!!
Favorite spot?
My favorite spot is in the studio making music for sure AND spending time with my beautiful husband and my gorgeous daughter!!
Equipment used:
I use a Yamaha Motif piano system which ROCKS!! I mix my songs at home before I go to studio (if ever) to do any last minute "perfecting" so to speak(if ever). I use an M box and a digidesign studio console(32 track)mixer. I have a groove tubes microphone which can pick up the slightest sounds. I use a variety of programs on the computer to enhance the quality of my recordings BUT now I mainly use Protools which is the BOMB!! It is similar to Cool Edit pro BUT makes the vocals sound so professional, so crisp,clean, and clear. I am just getting to know the program so, I am NOT perfect at it... well... not yet!. I also use Cool Edit Pro, Acid Pro 3.0, Fruity Loops (sometimes) and T-Racks to ultimiately master songs for editing and pre-final mixdown. We are very happy with our studio system at this time BUT (haha) we want to upgrade already. Go figure huh?
Anything else...?
I am a talented singer with the drive and motivation to succeed in the fast paced music industry. I am better than good, have a decent mezzo-soprano vocal range and want to shine. Please just let me do that for you!!
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