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Jesse De La O
Greetings, lots of folks still hurting after the hurricane here in Victoria and surrounding communities.

I continue to donate all proceeds from my whole library until at least the first of the year to hurricane relief. If you'd liked to help, for any donation I will mail you a single or cd/dvd of your choice. Please send to P.O. Box 3652, Victoria, Texas. You can also go to my cdbaby site to purchase from them. God bless your consideration.

Today, extend your hand to someone.
Butterfly Wings
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Rock-n-Roll with the message you are never alone.
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I started rockin' around 1968, produced my first concert at 16, and have produced a few more throughout the years.
In 1990 I began producing compilations and released 10 projects, up till 2009.
In 1999 I bought some recording equipment and released my first solo EP. During the years I've picked up the guitar,bass, keys, drums, mandolin, and trying the fiddle and banjo.
In 2005 my mom bought me a computer and a year later I bought a video camera and software.
With my new release, I am going to donate the proceeds. I tried hooking up with the city of Victoria, but again they have have failed to respond and I won't beg to help their employees. I'm now a 3 times loser. The 1st time I was told I "didn't have a name". If they refuse to take care of their biz, you can't expect them to be righteous. Must be God's will.

Here's a Cd I released when I was broke and in a hurry to get it out. I am currently working on replacing two of the songs that feature a drum machine, with real drums. If you buy the Cd now, let me know, and when I replace the drum tracks I will send you them at no charge.

If the Lord wills and my health holds, I plan to release "The Bear is Back" or "Rockin' For the Lord" in the fall 2017.
Why this name?
It's my name.
Do you play live?
Not at the moment, but I would consider all offers.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It makes even the most obscure and poor musican(s) visible.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
No. Thanks to God, I already seem to have all I need to live out my life comfortably. I could use more exposure though. I would sell my copyrights or masters in a heartbeat.
Band History:
Duet w/my mentor Jesse "B.K." Rodriguez around 1968. Two years later began PAX w/him and Darwin Shows. JENSEN w/Jesse and Darwin in 1975, along w/ an old PAX drummer, Emil Gonzales. BOIS D' ARK w/Jesse from 1979 - 1981. We released two 45's (vinyl).
I formed a new line up in 1983 for gigging and a final line up in 1985. We recorded and shot a video. In 1999 I went solo.
I just released the Ambient Cd "Dreams on Bear Avenue" at CdBaby.
Lord willing, I will release the Cd "THE BEAR IS BACK" or "Rockin' For the Lord" in November 2017.
Your influences?
I have been influenced by everthing from Doo Wop, Pop of the 50's, old Blues masters, as well as the masters who reinvited it - so to speak - in the 60's and now, the new age or experimental music of the late 70's, and up to the Metal of the 90's. While I enjoy some Hardcore and Extreme Metal, I'm getting to old for the screaming vulgarities and profanities. I need positive vibes around me and for positive vibes to ooze from me.
Favorite spot?
I miss Albuquerque.
Equipment used:
Basic band, audio and audio video production, and distribution tools.
Anything else...?
I pray that the material I produce makes you think about your position in life.
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3rd Trip:The Charm
New King V
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chilling at Hopkins Park
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