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Lucifer's Horse is a horse belonging to Satan. It has two members, and on some songs guest star Amåm (infamous electronic music artist and swedish reality show diva) adds a little vocals.

Some say Lucifer's Horse worships the devil, but hey, what can you do? You can listen and decide for yourself, that's what you can do. The band says that religion and music can't be combined,
and that they are not responible anyway, because they're always drunk when they're recording.

Improvisation and beer is the motto of Lucfer's Horse. Not a single word is ever written down ( i know, I can't believe it either). The microphone is just switched on, and then the magic happens.

Wunderkind Larsson plays lead guitar and sings lead vocals. Larsson was born 1958 in Bradfield, and recently gave up his career in the british airforce to be able to meet the demands of the fans.
He is currently collecting stainless steel.

Matt Alrik, the second member, also plays lead guitar and sings lead vocals. Alrik was born 1656 in London, and again in 1953, this time in Ecclesfield. Alrik is married with a rich doctor and thus has quit working. He however occasionally builds lawsuit cases for the DEA in Detroit.

Larson and Alrik first met in prison in 1992, where they both were doing time for holding unscheduled black masses. They wrote their first song together during their mysterious escape in 1993. That song is available for download here, it's called Lucifer's Horse. These songs has not been able to be distributed until now, because they were all major evidence in several intercontinental trials,
wich are now (finally) over.


Friend and fan,
Donald Masterman, Washington Post
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