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Rony Playstation
Rony Playstation-Zenobia
uploaded on
01/30/10 @ 09:40 AM     post a comment
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best viewed under the influence of (groove) smile :)
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funk off!

Why this name?
because i feel like one!
Do you play live?
played live a few times..looking fo the funky bass player that will make my sound groovier..i work by myself in the drum section,sample section and all the other issues :)
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
nothing is same.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
someone asked me,you listen to funk,it`s all from 70`s,what do you think,or can you picture funk in future..i said,man,look deep in music history.it`s repeating over and over..maybe it`s just destined to b that way...more than 40 years,funk was evolving...in the 80`s rap is born only thanks to funk...dj`s were spinning JB,parliament,jimmy castor bunch at the parties...then someone kool herc or someone else invented break..certain part of the song looped over and over.same pattern was used when big beat movement in uk was huge...the times chemical brothers and the prodigy were the thing...again looped,cut/paste technologies...mixed with variuos influences,but funk was the core of it all.drum`n bass with a litle faster BPM...someone said,finally original product since hip hop..wrong,it was just a hibernation of ideas based on rhythm and bass groove..and someone put drum loop of JB for instance...then speed it up to 170 BPM`s and here is new product in popular music...all this is example that music is destined to repeat itself...we choose best moments save them from oblivion and recycle to make music that`s already created...that`s why i think sampling is future of funk..and whole popular music.with new production skills,new tricks to final mastering,or just plain adding spacy effects to the mix.looking at today`s scene of guitar rock..most of it is empty,devoid of soul and flat...and most of these are bands spinning on mtv 24 hours non stop.i hear only recycled stuff...honestly,we love some band only because it sounds like another that was famous years before.of course there are some bands that play real and honest r`n`r ... but that music brings nothing new and yet fills us with feeling of bliss and hypnotizes us with fuzz or distortion.
funk in future,well it`s on from every side,you just have to know where to look for it
Your influences?
p funk and all 70s funk movement,hip hop,jazz..
Equipment used:
reason,recycle / propellerehead software /
Anything else...?
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