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Nige and Trev
Eleven Fires
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Nige and Trev's surreal video for their chart topping, foot tapping, brain frying hit single 'Eleven Fires'.

FRANK FISH: Vocals, guitar.
MICK CLACK: Guitars, bass, keyboards, percussion, video editing.
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Mz.Dyzihre is back with her single "Love Hangover" Feat. William Harmon. This heartbreak R&B ballad is a story of love and Hate. The song will release April 2018 and will be featured on the album "Femcee Chronicles ".
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On December 25th 2005 NIGE and TREV were announced as winners in no less than three categories in the 2006 International Online Music Awards (IOMAS)...BEST ARTIST, BEST COMPOSER and BEST SONG for their track entitled 'My Horse will never exist in Reality'. NIGE and TREV's drummer Dale Marshall also received the 2006 IOMA for BEST DRUMMER.

NIGE and TREV are a ranting, grooving, shrieking, psychedelic, experiMENTAL, soup hurling,pendulum obsessed jazz/rock/blues/classical/comedy/funk duo
who have a passionate devil-may-
care, 'no-holds-barred' approach to music resulting in a rapturous hotch potch of euphoric whistling funk-folk pandemonium peppered with fevered bursts of whammy bar werewolf gibberish reminiscent of Captain Beefheart and the great Lord Buckley with distant echoes of Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention, Jimi Hendrix and Miles Davis. Mick 'Trev' Clack's battered Stratocasters wail and howl relentlessly at the three moons of Planet Klennaar carving out a ricketty balsa wood platform for Frank 'Nige' Fish's reckless, unstoppable, scatterbrained Hammer-Horror love sermons. He talks in tongues, he yelps, he growls, he plays guitar upside down, he yodels, he bellows, he serenades, he lectures and occaisonally he even resorts to SINGING!

NIGE and TREV also have a wacky website on MY SPACE.

MICK 'Trev-or-is-it-Nige?'CLACK has his own website on MY SPACE...

FRANK 'Nige-or-is-it-Trev?' FISH has his own website on MY SPACE...

Nige & Trev also rear their ugly heads in a band obsessed with all things aquatic - FRANK FISH AND THE FINS....click on this Soundclick logo to visit their garish underwater world of psychedelic, high energy, flipper-hatted panto-rock:

SoundClick Now!

Why this name?
Trev's real name is 'Nige'. Nige was christened 'Andtrev'.
Do you play live?
All musical activities now confined to the safety of the recording studio due to over enthusiastic use of cold canned soup at concerts.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Alright then, make it half past eight Archie and bring the amoeba rods.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Heh heh heh heh...did you just say I was made of wood?
Band History:
Nige trained at the Cutteslowe school of Pure Blues while Trev got drunk the other side of the wall and listened to Sibelius, Mario Lanza and Hawkwind whilst reading Superman 'Bizarro' comics over and over again. Nige thinks that Derek Trucks is the future of the electric guitar. Sometimes Trev agrees with him, sometimes he doesn't think there's going to BE a future.
Nige was born when he was 2 (twice)and was an apprentice City Council rat catcher before the fall of the Cutteslowe Wall He first met Trev in the Gents toilets at Wembley Stadium on July 30th 1966 where they formed the imaginatively titled 'Nige and Trev' as a humble tribute to Geoff Hurst's World Cup Final hat-trick. Both are under the illusion that the word 'illusion' is an illusion.

Once a year, they take a break from being NIGE & TREV and strap on pink fluffy bunny ears & papier mache buck-teeth transforming themselves into rampant hutch-dwelling riff-plunderers 'FRANK RABBIT AND THE BOBTAILS'. Click on the Soundclick logo below if you dare subject your ears to three ripsnorting tracks from their limited edition scratch'n'sniff quadruple live CD 'LETTUCE PRAY' and one mind-numbing cracker of a song entitled 'Rock Adorns My Pompous Breath' from their new soon to be released edible album 'CARROT IN HELL'...

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Your influences?
Beefheart/Zappa/Hendrix/Miles Davis/Mario Lanza/Lord Buckley/Blue Nile/American Music Club/Ken Dodd/Tower of Power/Clark Hutchinson/Johnny Winter/Aretha Franklin/Mahavishnu Orchestra/Bonzo Dog Band/
Tommy Cooper/Steve Earle/Hawkwind/Bukka White/
Chaka Khan/Black Sabbath/Rage Against the Machine/
Neil Young/Sibelius/Allman Brothers/Sir Bobby Robson/Marx Brothers/Frank Fish and the Fins/ Gracious/Man/The Cutteslowe Grunties/Little Feat/
XTC/Salvador Dali/T.C. Lethbridge/Michael Moorcock/Dave Weckl/Paul Kossoff/Jerry Sadowitz/Chris Lavelle
Favorite spot?
It has to be the plush, split level, imaginary five dimensional underground Recording Studio in Trev's grannie's neighbour's attic. Hey! YOU can go there too!! Just click on this green Soundclick logo...

SoundClick Now!
Equipment used:
Ferguson Music Centre, giant elastic bands, blu tac,
Rizla licorice papers, a picture of a horse, soiled gatefold sleeve of 'Second Winter'three sided double vinyl album by Johnny Winter plugged into a giant 'Nesbitt' treble booster and sellotaped to
a golden lurcher collar.
Anything else...?
NIGE & TREV'S 75 minute CD album 'Stamp Out M-M-M-Madness in the Air' is available now! Read a review of the album here

Here are some reactions to the album:

'After listening to the first 15 minutes I went into a dark room to rock gently while muttering about the blithering squirrels. I've only just stopped barking and dribbling down my top. I could handle the first song but didn't have the kind of mental preparation that might have got me through the rest of the 70 odd minutes of gibbering pandemonium...'
TIM BEARDER - BBC Online- May 2003

'A musical own-goal. Childish drivel. I loved it!' HELEN MILKBREATH - 'Lurcher Weekly'

'Nige and Trev are the Burke and Hare of distorted tremelo arm torture. I winced in pain at the flurry of notes in Frank Fish's guitar onslaught on the triumphant final track 'To Catch a Baby Donkey'. He makes the guitar speak. It says "Put me down...PLEASE!!" Grow up lads. QUENTIN NESBITT-DWOM - 'The Yelford Standard'

trev...or is it Nige?!?
Dale Marshall
An N&T IOMA Award
N&T's 3 International Online Music Awards
Frank plays Fwerrp's penny whistle
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