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Death Metal band
Band History:
Sodamned started their activities in the beginning of 1999 with the proposal to play music which could mix speed, heaviness and melody, being free of limitations of metal genres. Their influences comes from musical genres outside of metal, passing through traditional bands like Metallica and Slayer, untill extreme bands like Algaion, Deicide and Rotting Christ, besides of other genres which are part of their musical formation and together form the identity of Sodamned.

Their lyrics aren't different, escaping from any moral, religious or political preaching, they show situations where despair, doubt and faithlessness are present in the human live, in a mixture of visions about our existence.

After the recordings of a rehearsal demo, actually out of stock, in the year of 2003 Sodamned released their first official recording, a demo cd titled On the Gallows, which has four songs.

After many changes of second guitarist and a long period playing as a power trio, in the year of 2005, Leandro "Japa" joined Sodamned. Now the band is still promoting their first demo, and the compilations Endless Massacre and Rock Soldiers where they are featured, besides of preparing a new release.