Christian Munthe
Me and Eye
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play hi-fi  BACKSIDE suite: no. 9
play hi-fi  double 12, double 7
play hi-fi  Blue as a Puma II
play hi-fi  Blue as a Puma IV
play hi-fi  Blue as a Puma I
play hi-fi  Line Street Blues
play hi-fi  Refrain III & Refrain IV
play hi-fi  Lennart XX
play hi-fi  muntwachs V
play hi-fi  duo: Lehn - Munthe
Free improvising guitarist in Göteborg, Sweden.

Solo (CM guitar)

Munthe & Turner Duo (CM guitar, Roger Turner percussion)
Dahl-Munthe Duo (CM guitar, Anders Dahl electronics)

Two Slices of Acoustic Car (CM guitar, Mats Gustafsson reeds)

recent colabs with: martin Öhman, Mariam Wallentin, Christine Sehnaoui, Patrick Farmer

Collaborations over the years with a.o., Günter Christmann, Dror Feiler, Alexander Frangenheim, Per-Åke Holmlander, Thomas Lehn, Paul Lovens, Phil Minton, Ivo Nilsson, Gino Robair, Sten Sandell, Raymond Strid, Phillip Wachsmann

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