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CaLoge a.k.a. Macosa is the hottest new Chi-Town up and coming Hip Hop Artist and Producer ready to take the world over with his new album "Brace Ya’Self".
Band History:
CaLoge breaks through Hip Hop with hypnotic trax and artistic song titles that captures all audiences.

CaLoge was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, IL (in the Englewood area). Coming up at an early age he always had a love for music. He took a few piano lessons and also played piano in some of the school talent shows, as well as being in the band. He’s also a pretty good drummer and guitarist. He was then introduced to DJ’n by neighborhood friends. He started spinning records throughout various neighborhoods from backyard parties, to school parties, to house parties, to block parties and then on to doing shows. He was inspired by DJ Jazzy Jeff.

Hip Hop then stormed the scene and he had to have a piece of it. He then started looking into making music and not just spinning music. He bought his first equipment and went fast to work. He started making beats for local hip hop artist, even instrumental breakdance music for breakdance battles. All the crews loved him and his name vastly started to spread throughout the neighborhoods.

After spending some time working with other artist, he decided to break off and do his own thing. The pen and pad then came into effect. He became a triple threat in hip hop music; writing, producing, and spitting his own material. He would make upgrades on his producing equipment by selling trax throughout the city.

CaLoge entered a Pepsi contest with his local hometown radio station. CaLoge's flow was so deadly; they shut the contest down after his turn. They knew that night; no one would come close to beating him. He was awarded the prize!

CaLoge is also very athletic along with being talented. He is what you call a jack of all trades. He enjoys JB Skating, Stepping, Boxing, Gymnastics and that's just to name a few.

He has other hobbies that he enjoys like... drawing hip hop pieces (very artistic), airbrushing, loves customizing his cars, he designed his own shoes, he's a Barber, and the list goes on and on... As I said before, he's a jack of all trades.

Caloge is definitely needed on the scene to bring hip hop the link that it's been missing...

Check him out and tell him what you think!
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