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Pittsburgh Premier Hip Hop.

Getting his first pair of turntables in spring 03 Smoke found himself getting deeper in the music than ever before. So after working at his craft every nite he decided he wanted to rhyme and produce as well. So in winter 05 Smoke started building his studio. With it well on its way, He knew hard work and patience would pay off. At the same time he kept djing and freestyling to get his game up. Smoke Feels for a great performer that you must be a sharp freestyler so you can always catch him in his car with the freshest instrumentals off the head freestyling. Now a force to reckon with, Smoke is ready for the competition and all the challenges. Smoke has big plans for 2007. Be on the lookout for his debut cd in spring 07.

(Creator of the Iron City Records name.)
UGHZ is Smokes right hand man. Growing up as Smokes younger brother he matured faster than many. 5 years apart in age from his brother and you wouldnt know the difference. Many people mistake UGHZ N SMOKE as twins. With alot of dreams to accomplish and strong blood ties UGHZ AND SMOKE should make an impact to hip hop culture and music.

Shaky Shake N Smoke have been boys for years. Cousins to be exact so this duo's Blood runs deep. Shake started Djing in 02 and got Smoke to Follow. Shake has been producing since 03. As well as Smoke, Shake started Mcing in 05 and has worked hard to keep progessing. Shake was the one who created UGB, our group name.
Be on the lookout for this Rising star.

Stace D is a big part of our crew. Shes Smokes Babys Mother. She is our photographer for the group and handles business stuff with UGHZ. And from time to time you can hear her make a appearance on Smokes tracks. She was the one to buy Smokes first Turntables so he thanks her every day for that and keeping his spirits high.
Why this name?
Our City brews the Iron City Beer. So we decided to use the name to keep it real.
Do you play live?
Not right now.
We are in the studio alot working on our new CD.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Helps us get our music out to people from everywhere.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes. Got to be the right deal.
Band History:
We started djing in 2002 then started mcing and producing in 05.
Your influences?
East and West Coast Hip Hop.
Favorite spot?
Pittsburgh Pa all day.
Equipment used:
Alesis Multi Mix 8
2 Behringer 2031 Monitors
Focusrite Trakkmaster Pro Compressor
Lexicon Alpha Interface
2 Vestax pdx 2000 Turntables
Stanton SA3 Battle Mixer
Shure m 44 7's Needles
Akai Mpc 1000
Cubase se3
audobe audition
Reason 3.0
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