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Race To Mars
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Hip Hop
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"Nemo" is one mind with amny ideas of incorporating all subgenres of electronic under one banner for the masses. But really likes to just groove.
Why this name?
It's a twist on my last name. My father was always known as Captain Nemo, so when I was about 7, I wanted a nick name too. He started calling me Lil' Nemo. I thought it was silly cause it wasn't really anybody. Till he told me the story of Lil' Nemo and Slumberland. It's been with me for years after that.
Do you play live?
I use to. With bands and as a DJ. But a few years back all my gear was stolen, tables, vinyl the works. So I had hung it up, now just a producer.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet is the future and present of music. It's easier, it's portable, more tracks on a disc. Granted you don't get the cool jacket art, but most indie artists do design their own covers and liners and charge a real cheap price for a full length CD. So why go to a store that might not have what you want, when the internet always has it and more.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Probably not. As an electronic artist, I don't want to be another Moby, some electronic artists are huge with their own labels or an indie label, why bother with the nonsense.
Band History:
My first expierence with electronic music was in the mid-80's when I walked into a local record shop (yes they sold vinyl records and still do) and the clerk was playing FRONT 242. I was so blown away by the sounds that I heard I bought the tape. and a couple others right away. the music I was into though were Hardcore Punk and Heavy Metal with some classic rock. These influences came mainly from my mom who was the closest thing I knew to be a hippie. So I took up the guitar like so many of my generation of men did. Then discovered my real love of the bass after hearing Cliff Burton belt out "Anesthesia(Pulling Teeth)". I played in several bands, mainly garage bands before 1990. Now officially Electronica had not hit Bakersfiled, CA (a small city of about 250,000 2 hours north of L.A.). so I was stuck with just FRONT 242 with a little of Mike Oldfield and Gorgio Moredor, till I joined the Army in 1990. I was shipped overseas in 1991 to Heidelberg Germany, where I really discovered what synth and analog and driving bass were. I frequented a club called Blue Fish in Heidelberg and caught glimpse of many of the live techno Producers/DJs using Korg and Roland synths and turntables hooked into a couple of little Macs and few other machines and it blew my mind once again to the sound they could make. I then got caught up in the wave and me and my friend Paul formed MD 20/20 ( after one night geting drunk on Mad Dog). We bought several pieces of equipment and started playing the Blue Fish and the Tech Clubs around Heidelberg and Mannheim. After leaving Germany in 1993 I came back to the states to start several projects including club and house DJing.
Your influences?
Orbital, U96, 808 State, Utah Saints ,Early LA style, Dust Brothers, Genuine Childs, DJ Spooky, Junior Vasquez, Front 242, alot of funk from the 70s, and many underground artists (they have the coolest stuff)
Favorite spot?
Toss up, San Fran, Berlin, and Amsterdam.
Equipment used:
Me and my Electronic Dreams
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