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DJ Hepatitis B
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play hi-fi  Complicated sh***
play hi-fi  Mayberry Days
play hi-fi  Sex With Old People
play hi-fi  Pathogenix
play hi-fi  Techlology
play hi-fi  Symptomatik
play hi-fi  Finite Fate Machine
play hi-fi  Euphorgasmia
play hi-fi  Symphonic Catastrophy
play hi-fi  Contagion
Welcome to the DJ Hepatitis B band page. Click the music link to listen, and enjoy your stay.
Your influences?
The Crystal Method, Sanxion7, Infected Mushroom, Martin Roth, Dougal & Gammer, Scott Brown, Kyle Ward, Toby Emerson, Darude, Pavo & Zany, DJ Chemo, Eskimo, CPU, Vagabond
Equipment used:
FL Studio 7 and VST instruments