187 Streetsoldiers
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This is 187 Street Soldiers coming at you. We're all about Hip-Hop and good rap music.We live the Hip-Hop aspect of it and we're all about making good rap music and bringing rap to the forefront in Toronto.
Why this name?
The name 187 Street Soldiers has it roots based in the fact that every beat we touch, we murder. 187 is police code for homocide, and in the world of hip-hop to 'kill it' has a completely different connotation than it would under normal circumstances.It actually implies a job well done. The Streetsoldiers part of the name came to fruition after we started taking music seriously and developed a soldier like fervour, and discipline towards rap music, hence why we are called the 187 streetsoldiers.
Do you play live?
We've done some shows, we always kill em, and we love it.Holla at us for bookings, we 'murder' your show too!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I think it provides an outlet for new artists to be heard which is good but at the same time it kills alot of revenue that an already established artist could be getting, so it has its pros and cons.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes, depending on the terms. We love our music and are looking to stay true to the art that we started with. We understand the need to be diverse and have no problem with having songs that vary in style and content as long as as a collective we agree that it's something that we can do.
Band History:
The STREET SOLDIER story begins in the late nineties when founding members LAZEUS and NOX where both attending the same high school (Birchmount C.I.). Along with another artist -that shall remain nameless - they realized their passion for rap and began honing their craft, writing to various instrumentals, rapping in ciphers, and battling amongst rival Toronto MC’s for stripes and for recreation.

Times were turbulent in Scarborough at the time –and not much has changed- so it was pretty commonplace to end up in a problem with a rival sect. This was the way of life for NOX and LAZEUS and also a way of life in Scarborough in general. Ironically, it was, on the way to an altercation, in the then infamous Kennedy Station, that the pair would meet with what was to be the final member of the then unnamed rap group. It was there that they would meet their Flemingdon Park counterpart DOUBLE D.

LAZEUS recalls the initial meeting: ‘…how it happened was we were on the way to go deal with some dumb sh*** with a bunch of other niggas, and there was this one dude outside we didn’t know by himself out in the freezing cold, just rapping his ass off… We asked one of our niggas who it was and he introduced us, and since then the bond never broke.’

The three quickly realized their talent together as a collective and from this realization came the birth of the one of the lyrically viscous groups in Toronto, and Canada as a whole. The trio decided that because of their lyrical prowess, or as they would put it, their innate ability to ‘kill a beat’, that the moniker of 187 was more than fitting. (The term 187 is widely used in the hip-hop community and means homicide, or murder) It was under this name that the group began recording mix-tape tracks and later recorded and released their first collaborative effort on an original beat, the underground Scarborough banger, ‘HOT ONES’.

‘HOT ONES,’ was what they thought would be one of the initial stepping-stones on the road to the plateau, which they so desired and were working towards, and for a short period of time, it was. The trio began getting recognition on the streets not only due to the trio’s extra-curricular street activities but more so because of their profound rap skills. Fortune decided that that was not the group’s time. With members of the group facing charges stemming from numerous and random incidents, court and incarceration kept members from fulfilling their obligation to the music.

Things really almost went sour when NOX was implicated in an incident involving a shootout and was ultimately incarcerated for what the group then thought was an indefinite period of time. ‘We all been locked before, but that f***ed wit us cause at the time these guys (courts) weren’t trying to tell us nothing bout how long it would be or nothing…’ LAZEUS recalls.

The remaining duo began to doubt the future of the group, but with the encouragement of the then incarcerated NOX they decided to press on and continue. The remaining duo continued to go the mix-tape route scorching numerous mix-tapes, and increasing the buzz. It was upon NOX’s release some time afterward that the group decided to take music more seriously, and developed what could be perceived as a ‘soldier’ like discipline, and determination towards music. From this determination and discipline they added to their already controversial moniker 187, and became the 187 STREET SOLDIERS.

The three have since then inducted honorary member and lifelong friend of LAZEUS, the Omen and have included him on several tracks. They have been hard at work on their album, working with their in house producers MANIC, and DON JUAN DE MARCO to make what they consider the perfect collection of tracks for their album. They have also continued with the mix-tape route and have been ‘killing’ the mix-tape circuit, with over twenty mix-tape features under their belt, and a handful of successful shows. The future of hip-hop in Canada was at a time undermined and undecided, but these guys intend to make that change…THE CHANGE IS COMING ARE YOU READY?

Your influences?
Biggie Smalls, Tupac, Jay-z, Mobb Deep, Kool G Rap, Busta Rhymes,Lauren Hill, Marvin Gaye, Al Green,CNN, Big Pun, Aaliyah, Bootsy Collins, James Brown, Sam Cooke, and way too many other to mention
Favorite spot?
Equipment used:
a mic, dat's all we need
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