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Souf Centrol
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play hi-fi  A 16 is So Mean
play hi-fi  As I Dream
play hi-fi  LA is Beautiful
play hi-fi  Switch - Epik feat. Souf Centrol
play hi-fi  The Bang Bang get down
play hi-fi  So Deadly
play hi-fi  Beatin down yo blocc
play hi-fi  Flows feat. Young Flooet
play hi-fi  Mind of a Maniac 2
play hi-fi  My Trunk
I don't upload to this site anymore. If you want to keep up with my music, go to New music is available

I'm currently working on new songs

SoNgs ADDeD 6.19.09
Death Pon De Weak Mc
Westcoast Dip
The Sickning
So Deadly
She Thirstaay
Salmonella Poison
Jump Crazy
Like A Drum
Red Light Go
Sinima - Kill The Radio Feat. Souf Centrol
My Trunk
1 Step Forward

SoNgs ADDeD 2.1.09
Paper Chaser(On The Grind)
Breath Of Fresh Air
Hard Times
The Carnival
Sonny Soncere - My Swagg Feat. Souf Centrol
Everybody(SC Mix)
Show-Time - Ready To Go Feat. Souf Centrol
Show-Time - Material World Feat. Souf Centrol

Favorite spot?
South Central LA of course, what kind of question is that
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