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This song is still a work in progress. Thanks to StudioPros for the drums!
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Madeline Preisner
Madeline Preisner, 2008
Tue Sep 29, 2009
Alternative : Alternative General
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» highest in charts:   # 210   (185,658 songs currently listed in Alternative)
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About the song
A long story I will post when the song is done
I Think I Remember You © 2008, Madeline Preisner

I Think I Remember You, But I don't know if it is really true
or just a memory of how I wanted it to be

Sometimes my history is such a mystery to me
when suddenly a memory reminds me how I used to be

All the pieces re-arrange around a new found memory
suddenly, I remember me

and I Think I Remember You, but I don't know if it is really true
or just a dream I had that seemed (to be) so real to me

You think you know yourself, until someone else
reminds you of you from another point of view

all the pieces re-align to suit a different frame of mind
a whole lifetime re-defined

It seems so strange, that the past can re-arrange
I thought that history, was certainty, not endless possibility

Are you the one that I once knew or do you just remind me of someone who
reminds me of something I wish I did not do

We were so young, but even then, I knew, --I hurt you
But I don't even know if it is you, Was it just a dream or really true?

I didn't mean to hurt you then, and I don't want to again
I'd like to try and tell you why I made you cry, but I don't even know that I.....

But I Think I Remember You, I don't know if it is really true
or just a dream I had that seemed to be a memory

all the people come back in, lets all go around again
all these people you once knew, slowly coming back in view
but what are we supposed to do?

I Think I Remember You, --- I don't know --if I really do...