Stacked Up Michael
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play hi-fi  Suddenly Light
play hi-fi  Sweet Piano Pie
play hi-fi  URwhatUthink
play hi-fi  Rise
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play hi-fi  Positive Energy
play hi-fi  Forgiveness
play hi-fi  I Send You Love
play hi-fi  On Time
play hi-fi  I Still Fight the Tears
The songs closest to the top of the list are new ones that i am working on myself in Pro Tools. They are a mixture of Ballads and Electonica.

I am posting these as I go and am very open to help and collaboration. I am using this site to post music only, so, sorry if I am not "sociable".

16 songs at the bottom were recorded live on a Yamaha AW16G digital recorder, one or two mics in the room at our regular Thursday night jams, and edited and EQ'd with a few overdubs added in Pro Tools.

Why this name?
Faith is my middle name and I use 2 different last names
Do you play live?
not anymore
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
There is a lot more music available.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I would like to hear from anyone interested in producing, publishing, performing or working on any of these songs. You can contact, please put SONGS in the reference line.
Band History:
Players on the live tracks are Ed Arnold on guitar, Ray Green on Trumpet and Barry Lowenthal on drums, there are a variety of bass, guest guitar, horn and keyboard players who are featured.
Your influences?
African, Latin and World rhythms,...I have always loved a strong rhythm supporting a moving melody, Santana, David Lindley, Brian Eno, Roxy Music, The Neville Brothers, Carlyto, The Malo Poets.

I enjoy will i am, Bruno Mars, Pink, Lady Gaga,
like my lovely neice says,....It's all good!
Favorite spot?
Equipment used:
I am currently using an Alesis Micron, Roland SPD11, ApogeeQuartet, RodeNT 2000 and ProTools.
The live songs were recorded on a Yamaha AW16G, using one or two microphones in our small rehearsal space to capture the room. EQ and editing and a few overdubs done with an Mbox and Pro Tools.
Anything else...?
I would love to hear from anyone interested in collaborating, producing, performing or using any of these songs for any purpose.