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P-Rice: Reality TV Live
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play hi-fi  Shootin' Da Breeze Featuring Lil' Kriz
play hi-fi  Dreaming of You
play hi-fi  Pulse
play hi-fi  Windows Down
play hi-fi  Mary Got Me (So Gone)
play hi-fi  What
play hi-fi  Money Talks
play hi-fi  Thanksgiving
play hi-fi  Run BayBay Run
play hi-fi  Deep Thoughtz Feat. Mo the General, Redd, Verb
Hey What's good everyone? Welcome to our official Soundclick page.

For those that don't know we've been rapping and writing for close to 10 years. We have recorded several tracks varying in all different styles. We eventually started our own radio show at our College station entitled "The P-Rice Show" Wednesday Nights 6-8pm on 89.5fm WSKB (Spring & Fall Season) which has gathered decent success in Western Mass. We have interviewed several artists like French Super Producer Cartelsons, NJ rising stars Aceoutrageous, Ricky Rude & Mo the General- Along with many other artists.

You can check out our pages at:





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Looking to collab or get an interview on our show email us: *Serious Inquiries Only*
Why this name?
An old friend at school chose it for me, since I didn't know what alias to go under (I had several), at first I thought it didn't flow well. Evidently my cousins thought of the same name for me. Its basically my initials put together. Spins off of "Price" has been "P-Rice".
Do you play live?
Yes we've played live several times before from High School Coffee Houses to our own College radio station annual Spring concert. As we set up the Hip-Hop Spring Show this past 2014. Other venues have been Hookah Bars, Step Team Talent Shows and many more.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It makes it easier for unknown and underground artist to get out there...but screws up the major industries money wise.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Right now, we run everything independently...but if we ever had the opportunity to sign to a major label...we would...ONLY if we could do the music we'd like to do and get the royalties straight.
Band History:
Started in 2005 and still going!
Your influences?
Old School Rap/Hip-Hop, G-Funk Era, R&B, Funk, My family and friends, life experiences, my town!
Favorite spot?
Eastcoast...the 508.
Anything else...?
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