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play hi-fi  The Girls Got Shoes
play hi-fi  All For Show
play hi-fi  Blueray Man
play hi-fi  tic-toc
play hi-fi  On With The Show
play hi-fi  Behind The Veil
play hi-fi  Empty Glass
play hi-fi  Feelin' Happy
play hi-fi  Taxi For Two
play hi-fi  One Night Stand
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Manny used to sniff glue but then one of his friends told him you could get high smoking banana skins, so he stopped sniffing glue and switched to smoking banana skins. Smoking banana skins didn't get him high like he'd been told but it caused him to start singing backwards which helped for adding psychedelic bits to his tunes.
Do you play live?
Yes, I'll play live until I'm dead, then I'll play dead.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Damn right, I didn't go down to a fork in the road with black cat bone in my pocket so I could get a job stacking shelves
Equipment used:
Guitars and stuff
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