Jay-E (LCU)
NEWS   Jay-E is planning for a second album from wich the name is not yet known.
Solar Messiahs - Exasperation
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Solar Messiahs - Exasperation
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Why this name?
First I had EJ (J the 1st letter from my last name and E the 1st letter from my first name) because I thought that it sounded good. But that I desided to do it otherwise. I listened a lot to Jay-Z sow I wanted to do the same with my name. And that's why I became Jay-E.
Do you play live?
Sometimes at school and I did a mini-concert once with a couple of homies.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It's a good way to let people hear your music without having to pay for it and you can get more promotion and the assurence that they are gonna listen to it.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I would 1st look at the condition and then deside.
Band History:
5 years ago, I teamed up with my homies M-Bino & XDC and we started with Thug Soldiers. Later XDC desided to stop with the group and we became G-Crew, with Gold Bullet joyning us. A half year later Gold Bullet desided to stop asswell and me and M began Belistick, togetter with the crew: Renegade Style (Witch know we know as Lyrical Unity). That's how it all went. I am now going solo.
Your influences?
2Pac, The Lost Children Of Babylon, Tears, Shah-King, Ebon el Loko, Hasan Salaam, Jedi Mind Tricks, Akir, Immortal Technique & Shabaz The Deciple
Favorite spot?
Equipment used:
Samson C01u Microfoon
Universal PlopFilter
Anything else...?
My official: MySpace
My official: BoomR

The official Strata-Gemz: MySpace
The official Solar Messiahs: MySpace & BoomR
The official Shah-King: MySpace
The official Chillem: MySpace
The official Ebon el Loko: MySpace
The official Flim: MySpace
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