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No Remains
NEWS   Welcome to No Remains!! We are new fresh and we suck right now! yay! We will get better or just disappear forever.. One of the two!!
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Our band started at school in a recording class which we recorded a few songs for our first album "The First" which the song are just instrumental..
We have lots of songs but no drummer or singer to record so they arer just guitar tracks to drums loops for now.. The band is Ray Mackan on Lead Guitar, Kyle Ingram on Rhythm guitar plus vocals or back-up vocals.. not to sure yet. And John Pino on Bass guitar even though eh doesn't own one nor know how to play it but he will soon! we got all the time in the world. we don't really think where gonna go big or anything..
Why this name?
Kyles friend told him the name and where like cool we'll take it.. No Remains!
Do you play live?
Not yet... Need a band first.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It changed it alot.. now you can fit thousands of songs on an I-pod or mp3 player..
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Not for years..
Band History:
Just go to and view our site for history and all that crap...
Your influences?
Influences on me are bands like Ac/Dc Dragonforce Motley Crue Guns and Roses and all them even though i don't think our music sounds like them much..
Favorite spot?
Right here in Sault Ste Marie.. Not really but i havn't really been anywhere else..
Equipment used:
I use an Ibanez Rg370 Electric and an Ibenez Talman acoustic.. i think its Ibanez anyway. A digitech RP200 Pedel and my small ass Peavey Rage 158 Amp. I also have a yahama keyboard that i had for a year and i still havn't learned anything on it.. But hey its there if i ever need it.. Kyle has the same Amp and My mind is blanked out on the guitar right now but its cool. He has a jackhammer distortion peddle. I think thats what its called... And john doesn't have anything.
Anything else...?
Don't expect much from us yet.. Once we find a keyboard and drummer then we'll record all the songs properly.. All tracks right now were just recorded by me and in like not even a half hour.. Solos are not what they appear to be.. i just needed to fill in something for now...