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NEWS   2012 Rudy T will be at Toms Farms in Lake Elsinor ca 28th of July sat. 12 noon to 6 pm ..Temescal Rrd off the 15 Lake Elisinor .. also at Crusin Grand Escondido Ca the 17th aug 6 pm to 9 pm Kalmia and Grand ...also 3rd of Aug at Central City Mall Riverside Ca from 7 pm tp 9 pm also Crusin Grand Escondido Ca the 14th Sept, Kalima and Grand ...come one come all ...all ages welcome
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Rudy T, at every performance has the world in the palm of his hands with his songwriting/performing talent, stamina and inner love for his music that you can hear and
feel in every note when this Dynamic Hot Guitar Slinger steps onto the stage. Once you've seen Rudy T in a live performance you will never forget it, or will you ever see anything like it again. He will reach deep down into your heart and soul and keep you on the edge of your seat.
Why this name?
My brother used to call me Rudy T when I was young and my producer liked Rudy T,said it had a click to it...
Do you play live?
Rudy T plays live every chance, every day/night he gets....Any where the venues can stand the heat from his strat guitar. No Rudy T doesn't like playin' live - He LOVES IT! Every moment on stage with my strat in front of an audience is a special moment to me
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The Internet has been the biggest resource to the independent artist struggling to get their material heard, being that it is extremely hard to enter the music industry to get that record deal, the Internet has made it possible to get one step closer.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes I would sign with a major label, my goal in life is to obtain that record contact with a major label.
Band History:
Rudy T began his music career playing from Youngstown, Ohio to Geneva on the Lake in Cleveland Ohio with Spontaneous Combustion Band. Since, relocated to California, recorded with Dick Dale @ RCA Records, Greg & Chris Alsup (gospel)Calvery Chaphel, Recorded at Wayne Cook Productions with Wayne Cook, member of Player, also recorded sessions with members of HWY 101, .38 Special and Faces (Rod Stewarts band), Frank Zappa, Ricky Skaggs. Performed the local Southern California scene, opening for such artists as Carrie Underwood(american idle 2005),The Fixx, The Motels, L.A. Guns, The Drifters,Rod Piazza and the Mighty Flyers,Canned Heat, The World Classic Rockers. Also worked with Producer (Jimmy Miller) aka Walt Marriner at Sound City Studios in California, as a producer working with Poco, Stevie Nicks, Traffic and Eric Clapton this producer was extremely impressed with the talent, the energy, stamina and the songwriting capabilities that Rudy T possessed and was in the midst of recording when Walt Marriner passed on. And due to the knowledge that Rudy T received from this fabulous producer, Rudy T was capable of completing his own CD's.
Your influences?
Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimmy Hendrix, Eric Clapton, B.B. King, Albert King, Muddy Waters.Blue Cheer,Grand Funk Railroad,Beatles,Stones,Bread,CCR,Steve Miller,Kinks,Albert Collins,Buddy Guy,Traffic,Johnney Winter,Mountain,Black Sabbath,Yard Byrds,Muddy Waters,John Lee Hooker,Jimmy Reed.
Favorite spot?
Any place where there is an audience and I can play my blues guitar..
Equipment used:
My amp is a Mark I Mesa Boogie, 71 model, 1-12" JBL. No middle range, this gives me that bite I like. I use a crybaby wah-wah, late 60's model, I've had for years.
I use Fender Strat Guitars ONLY due to the fact that I have to reach to get what I'm looking for , so a Strat is perfect for me.The Strat and the single coil pick-ups is what I like best. I'm a versatile player found at many gigs playing many instruments such as:
Lead Guitar/Keyboards/Bass/Drums/1929 Gibson acoustic guitar/Harmonica
Anything else...?
Other webpage:


X103FM describes Rudy T as "A dynamic guitarist that captures the essence of music and gives it to the crowd as the gift that it is". "Irrespect all styles of music. Artists who can be themselves and have
something to say. It comes through to the audience". He adds, "like Stevie Ray or Hendrix. They had something to say and boy did they say it".

Muzik describes Rudy T as: "This artist has a lot to offer as a outstanding, dynamic, one of a kind lead guitar player, entertainer, and songwriter. Rudy T strives to get his words, heart and soul mixed with his gutsy guitar licks to come out in all of his songs.

Mohave Daily News Weekender:
Kevin Enright: 4/2000
Shorelines describes:
"Rudy T's Band held the room totally in thrall. For all fans of the blues, this is your first chance in a long time to enjoy it on the local scene."

"In his long career he has been called on to perform various styles, but the blues and Stevie Ray Vaughn personally are his greatest influence and strongest drive."

"Rudy T doesn't just play the guitar, he eats it, he steps on it, he plays behind his back , he turns it into a bass, and I think he used it once for a piano. He is first and foremost a musician but oh, the tricks he can play and the work he makes his guitar perform. He must re-string after every evening."

Mohave Daily News Weekender:
Wanda Ray Reid
2/2000 Shorelines describes: "Rudy T plays and sings blues and rock and is skilled on guitar, harmonica and other instruments. He is tabbed as one of the Ten Top guitarists in the U.S. Rudy T was the Top Attraction at the Merlin's House of Blues in Bullhead City AZ, after seeing his performance I can understand."
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