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Smooth Jazz Style!
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Hello everyone.

My name is Dan and I love to write and record music of all styles.

I'm a multi Instrumentalist that covers Acoustic/ Jazz/ Rock/ Blues/ New Age/ World and Reggae music.

I'm using a 1963 strat for all my electric work. A carvin acoustic, Ibanez Bass, Ovation Mandolin, Regal Dobro, Yamaha Keyboards, Yamaha saxes and Flute, Real percussion and some cool Drum tracks. I also use a Carvin Condenser Mic for Vocals,sax and Flute work.

Sit back and enjoy some of my latest creations!!

Dan Junk
Why this name?
I just thought about my last name and said, ok. The name works great.
Do you play live?
I still do live gigs from time to time.
I have played just about everywhere.
I have to many special moments to list.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It gives the Independent artist that extra edge we need.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
If I could have some control of my music, I would say, could I use your pen?
Band History:
A solo and recording artist since 2004.
Your influences?
Guitars. Ronnie Garvin/Jimi Hendrix/Jimi Page/Allen HoldsWorth/Larry carlton/BB King/Eddie Van Halen/Alex Lifeson. Bass Guitar/Geddy Lee.

Some Bands I Love.
Steely Dan/TOTO/Stranger(From Florida)/Rush/Boston/Journey/Acoustic Eidolon.
Favorite spot?
In The Studio With # 1
Equipment used:
Guitars.1963 Fender Strat/Carvin Colbalt 750/Fender P Bass Special/Fender Classical/Washburn Mandolin/Regal Dobro.
Amps/Anything Peavey.
Yamaha Keyboards.
Hohner Accordion and Harmonicas.
Yamaha Saxes/Flutes.
For Recording sounds(Anything goes}
Anything else...?
The most Important thing in life is to just have fun, be happy.
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