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Sudev Bangah
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SB Influence in the brainchild of Sudev Bangah, who decided to take the solo route after going through the 'band phase' of his life. Winner of a previous 2001 Battle of the Bands and 1st Creative Commons Malaysia competition, Sudev is an avid fan of the guitar and sings on most of his compositions.

The first EP released by SB Influence was fully licensed under Creative Commons on both physical media, as well as online versions available on this website. Feel free to download them

Should you like a physical copy (CD) of my music, feel free to drop me a line or email

The music is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-Sharealike 2.5 Malaysia license. For more information on this license, kindly surf on over to

All musical work were written and composed by Sudev Bangah.

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Band History:
Guitar/Vocals: Sudev Bangah

Special Guests:

Guitar: Kek
Guitar: Mus
Bass: Arif
Drums: Ajin
Your influences?
Ideally: Nuno Bettencourt came to town and took Audioslave out for a drink, then Keith Urban spotted em and told them about the party at Jerry Cantrell's house.

Reality: A cross genre of pop/rock that dabbles in grunge, southern rock, pop/rock and alternative/rock, with some funk and a ballad thrown in.

Equipment used:
Guitars: Washburn N-1, Dean Michael Schenker Flying V, Epiphone ZW Les Paul, Ibanez PF Series Acoustic

Pickups: Seymour Duncan SH 2 and SH 12, EMG HZ, EMG 81 & 85

Amp: Kustom RGA15 (Celestion)

Pedals: BOSS MT-2, Behringer Distortion Modeler, Dunlop Dimebag Wah-Wah