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Years and years ago, a couple of friends had an idea... to jam together. One of them just bought a guitar, and the other was a budding lyricist/singer. The formula was perfect for concocting the next generation of superstars. Fueled by the world around them and the trials and tribulations of life... and pot... and the desire to be surrounded by women... They set out on a mission, with every intention to achieve their goal. You are now just witnessing the beginning. Hold on to your crooked hats and baggy pants... you're in for a ride.
Why this name?
It stood out among many suggested names... and the ladies seemed to like it.
Do you play live?
Soon to be playing live.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Keeps people from supporting the bands they like.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Hell yes, in a heartbeat.
Band History:
Andrew -
Aka: the Man
Been At It:
Top 5 Bands:
[soon to come]

Tim -
Aka: the King
Born: Calgary, Alberta Canada
Aged: 20 years
Been at it: 4 years and counting on the axe of destruction, vocalising for as long as one could remember.
Top 5 Bands: deftones, deftones, deftones, Disillusion, Megadeth... if I had to pick that is.

Both members can be contacted at

Your influences?
Staind, Underoath, Tenacious D, deftones, music, rock, metal, hard rock, weed, women, life, love, friends, sheesha, Dallas Green and his slick riffs.
Equipment used:
Andrew: Vocals deeper than the pits of Hell, screams louder than jet engines, lyricals that blow minds
Tim: Guitars so loud they bust down walls, angelic crooning, screams that pierce night air, lyricals that are straight from the Gods of Rock themselves
Anything else...?
Remember our name, cuz you'll be seeing us on TV and hearing us on the radio within the next 5 years!

Also! We might as well make this known now. Our intentions should remain clear - Women and money. I repeat, women and money. Mention of 'being about the music' shouldn't even be said. If you play in a band with aspirations of going somewhere, the element of "it's all about the music" is and will always be there. Our music will speak for itself, and hopefully it's something at least someone will like.
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