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NEWS   Life Edits, the third release from Eric R Fairhurst is now available from ( It will be slowly rolling out to iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc within the next couple weeks, but if you can't wait, stop by cdbaby and get your copy now!

Life Edits includes a perfect mix of ambient, world and chill music that is great for an evening of meditation, relaxation or just listening with a glass of wine. Eric R Fairhurst has branched out in varied styles with this new release bringing many different soundscapes together that is both a reflection of his current journey through life as well as new journeys that have just begun.

peace and happiness, Eric
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play hi-fi  nocturnal days
play hi-fi  3 am
play hi-fi  sleep
play hi-fi  whiskey and bars
play hi-fi  heatwave
play hi-fi  life in thirds
play hi-fi  donna
play hi-fi  midnight lullaby
play hi-fi  catch 22
play hi-fi  grief and pine
Eric R Fairhurst is an artist and composer/producer featuring Electronica/Ambient/New Age music. His music invokes a soothing, relaxed atmosphere that is perfect for spa, therapeutic massage, meditation, or just to unwind from a stressful day. Eric describes his music as “varied layers of electronica with guitar and/or piano that I hope invokes specific moods and/or visual ‘story boards’”....“To bring a sense of calm, peace, or happiness - that’s what I strive to achieve for myself and hope is reflected in my work.”

He is also a professional photographer with a stunning portfolio that include landscapes, floral, wildlife, abstract, and macro photography. His photo shoots have taken him all across the US, throughout Europe, New Zealand, Philippines, Hong Kong, China (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Panyu), Costa Rica, and Japan!

Don't forget to check out his main website at
Equipment used:
Cubase, Korg M3, Gibson Les Paul, Presonus, KRK, Line 6, Roland
Anything else...?
Most of my song pictures are my own photography (another hobby of mine)... If you are interested in prints, please contact me...


ERIC R FAIRHURST: Auditory Daydreams

Eric R Fairhurst: Life Edits

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