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play hi-fi  I.C.M.Y.L.M. (BT) D'Lite 44 'ODE'/Tom A.
play hi-fi  Everybody Here Wants You BT/ D'Lite 44
play hi-fi  Brown Note D'Lite 44 'ODE' Tom/V-30
play hi-fi  Brown Note D'Lite 44 'ODE' Althrax Cray Blues BT
play hi-fi  The Premise BT / D'Lite 44 'ODE'
play hi-fi  Latino Blue BT/ D'Lite 44 'ODE'
play hi-fi  'More Than Skin' Original Tune
play hi-fi  'Deleted Messages' Original tune
play hi-fi  Everybody Here Wants You (Abbr. Inst. BT)
play hi-fi  'SuperCell' Original Instrumental
I've been collecting Vintage Fender amps for about 3 yrs. now. I've tried to collect as much a variety as I can to have different size, wattage, and tones available for me to use at my gigs. I've put together this soundclick page to give people somewhat of an idea what these different amps sound like with their own speaker configuration as well as running them through other speaker setups not usally associated with the particular amp. I've also got different clips of OD pedals running through the different amps to showcase them .This is still a work in progress,so check back cause I may have another vintage amp I may showcase.
Do you play live?
I do play live in clubs as well as doing alot of concerts as an opeining act for big country road bands.
Your influences?
Eric Johnson, Pink Floyd, Santana, Kansas, Thin Lizzy,
Equipment used:
I mainly use Fender amps and Tom Anderson guitars.
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