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Zafisty Slim
The song reflects the essence of Dead. The Chords are D E A D, with the basic melody being the same. Lyrics were added and the finish product has guitar, bass, vocals, and Muse technology for the choir and strings at the end
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play hi-fi  Return of the Alchemist
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play hi-fi  Dance of the Misterious Circles
Instrumental music, progressive and symphonic rock. I'm a solo artist, in charge of the composition, production, recording and a pile of another things that define my music. I prefer dynamic and complex compositions with a great variety of instruments like flutes, violin, guitars, keyboards, tape effects, percussion, epic choirs, piano, etc.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Any major label is very welcome
Band History:
My musical interest began when I listened "Selling England by the pound". My senses became cloudy when I listened to the guitar solo in "Firth of Fifth". After several years working with "Music 2000", a musical project denominated "Zafisty Slim" has been created.
Your influences?
Genesis(with gabriel),Pink Floyd(between 1972-1979), King Crimson, ELP(Tarkus), Yes(Close to the edge), Gentle Giant, Bach(specially "Tocatta and fugue").
Favorite spot?
Equipment used:
Music 2000
Anything else...?
I hope you will enjoy my music and invite you to leave a message on my message board. My regards.
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