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This is not a band, it is a body of work by myself. I have divided it into two segments, one more classical on this page and another more contemporary. All of the music beautifully fits into the story of AARON'S CROSSING: An Inspring True Ghost Story just published in September 2006, which I am not adapting to a musical stageplay (think Phantom) and to the screen. It's about my encounter with a ghost who actually moved something to get my attention. I realized I might be able to help him and five years after doing so, he returned after having crossed over to dictate his story to me of what happened in his life that he would become a ghost, what it was like to be one, and what it was like for him when I came into his experience.

The music for AARON'S CROSSING was written not only during the years I had this experience but is also drawn from music written decades earlier--for reasons I never could understand. But the pieces were good--just didn't fit ME. Most lyrics (on the vocals) were from a male point of view, one had obvious Irish influence (I'm not Irish and wasn't into Celtic music at the time), etc.

How the music came to me...

Take Celtic Dance and the AARON'S CROSSING Theme--I wrote these songs 7 years apart, yet their melodies are identical, though the settings are different. I woke up hearing the Celtic Dance in my sleep seven years after writing the Theme. I had forgotten I ever wrote the Theme until I found it later in a box of tapes.

The music I wrote and composed for AARON'S CROSSING from my past that didn't seem to fit at the time all makes sense now, as it comes together for the musical stageplay and movie.

Why this name?
It's the name of the book/movie/stageplay.
Do you play live?
We have performed the play in a workshop format and are looking at local venues at the moment.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It makes it available to everyone, doesn't it?
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes indeed.
Your influences?
The classical influences are John Williams--melodious with interesting harmonic changes.
Equipment used:
Yamaha Motif 6. Some of the vocals are pulled from the workshop performance. If you can listen past the recording quality in a few of those pieces, you will get to what is waiting here.
Anything else...?
I have 40 pieces for this show. Most are not ready to post, but hopefully this winter, I will get into the studio enough to get them up here. Go to the Linda Alice Dewey soundclick page for the contemporary vocals.