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I'm Desperate for You
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To make an awesome but sappy rock song even more sappy. . .101
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Dave-lyrics/RECISIO (used with permission)
Tough Week
Sat Apr 23, 2011
Comedy : Parody
Take charge
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About the song
Kinda the opposite of the song "Careless Hook Ups" also on the Tough Week album, but to an even better original song in my honest opinion. . .even if I am kinda skewering just how sappy it is
It's in my love you'll be believing
I'd do anything and won't ask why
Oh it's your lovely eyes I'm needing
I just want to be by your side

I'd Drink from the Missouri River
I'd take pills so I won't snore
I could find a new career
If it'd make you say I'm yours

Could you listen to me while I scream now

I'm desperate for you
I'd do anything it's true
When you wake, I could do your nails for you
I'd use Nair for you

I'd help you pick out your shoes
Even give up my car for you
You'll control the dial too
Be a slave for you

Now babe you know, I'd clean up old grime
I'll watch your Soaps, turn off my race
Massage your feet and rub your bunions
I'll make your corns will go away

Oh baby, I love your big round belly
and though you're growing, I don't mind
I'd hold your flubber, when you sleep next to me babe
I won't hang out with those friends of mine

Oooh yeah

I'm desperate for you
I'd be a floor mat its true
If you please, I'd walk around bare for you
I will share with you

I'd give up Pepsi for you
Eat dog food, if it'd keep you too
Don't know what else I can do
I'm desperate for you

(instrumental break)

I loved you dear, I'm feeling crappie
I get so high when you're around
I forgot your latest birthday honey
But I'll wait on you. . .and your spouse


I'm desperate for you
I know you're in love with Drew
I'd be pleased, to be his bowling friend for you
I'm in love with you

Before you were with that dude
I know I wasn't into you
but seeing you with him--I'm blue
I'm desperate for

I'm desperate for you
Even wrestle bears for you
Please don't tease, I'm wearing a thong for you
Let me be with you

I'd lie and I'd steal for you
I'd parachute from the sky for you
I would even do that nude
Truth or Dare for You!!

Wooooh Wooooh ohhhh

Wooooh Wooooh ohhhh