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2008 GRB Round 3 - Priceless vs GarciaVega
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Wed Jan 28, 2009
HipHop : Battles/Disses
Take charge
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You ain’t see gully like this, I’m livin that
Get this doe hand over fist like we givin dap
If it’s this or that, don’t be thinkin that deep
Nigga I got 3 bags full, so who’s a black sheep
F*** wit me u get stuck quick, suck dick
F*** this, I was getting Cuban bread from Publix
But this, 3 hours down 95 wit the semi on
Or the eagle, watch em drop down n get his nelly on
F*** ya bi*** tell her hit the Hilton, keep my telly warm
N watch this Cuban n*** come up out the closet, Elian
I did my research, I’m focused, I noticed
When Cire voice changed he musta gave u his old shit
Either that or a perpetual sore throat
It sound like u twisted ur tonsils into cornrows
It sound like ya voice box got rocks in it
Like u stopped spittin, went moshpittin n got hit
If it ain’t clear how bad u sound dude
Picture talkin after u swallowed a sword n aint no how to
This a how-to, u aint on the sh*** I’m on
Tell me how the Cuban ;;;link is also the missing one
On some archaeological sh*** ‘cause my psycho ass
Got no doubt in my mind u get offended by them GEICO ads
N if u ever hit the club for slags
U ain’t leavin wit her ‘less she getting clubbed n dragged
Either that or getting drugged n bagged
No bi*** would willingly f*** wit ya cro magnon ass
All Keys entertainment where ur rep’s on bro?
I guess u went from slept on fam to stepped on coke
Ya rap sound like you been chewin on tires and
You look like u got a bear’s grill, no survivorman
No, no survivors man, get on your own
Ya style, ya voice, ya life, you’re a walking comparison
The human version of an echo, no rhino
Shit you look just like every Spanish n*** I know
Not to mention ya name, dog, I mean tho
It’s more Carlos Garcias in Miami than people
I f***ed ya bi*** n when I asked about her man
She said it was a Cuban missile crisis, in his pants
She said he had to eat it to get it moist
Cuz the hardest thing about this muthaf***a is his voice
Come on, put em in my way n I’m a get em
C-Gully? n*** I kill rats for a living
I can’t think of one hot track this dude did
When Khaled said Florida, we da best, u not included
This switcheroo shit, like iono where we at
Just so u kno, I’d a got at med too like a relapse
Either way, no matter how we go I’m thinkin
How they said I cheat for naps, he got the harder competition
I’m tryna figure the last thing from MIA
That more niggas hopped on, either you or paper planes
N you can pay for all them name brand rags
But it don’t do no good when u got captain caveman swag
That’s right dude, grab knife, slice you
Been tearin guts out Garcia vegas since high school
At ya best ya couldn’t see me on a weak day
I bet niggas hear my verse n respond wit dat eek face