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2008 GRB Round 1 - Priceless vs Stranger
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Mon Dec 15, 2008
HipHop : Battles/Disses
Take charge
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And I’m back on my shit, think you can stop him?
I’m a make you my bi*** like them zwinky pop-ups
Get Jeff on em, round 1 we need em mopped up
I’m a eat Stranger food like this sh*** was pot luck
This sh*** is not luck, you got f***ed
I ducked off two years, explain why the sh*** u got sucks
I’m not the average, I stay on the top bunk
N quick to show a Stranger what I got in a popped trunk
Ya album sucks, killing time is an understatement
My 60 minutes tortured, murdered, beat n raped, shit
Any beat you played, shit. Every thing you say, shit
Really, I want you dead just because you made it
Your fan base, pill poppers still in high school
Only like your album cuz the tracklist read like a haiku
Be real, you ain’t makin moves any time soon
And you live in Vermont? How did hip hop find you?
Forreal, I grew up hearin big n the queen bi***
You grew up in the woods wit twigs n the blair witch
You can’t compare, you ain’t nowhere near me player
Real recognize real and I don’t kno you, stranger
Ay... your emotion gets across, that shit’s cool
Cuz when I peep your sh*** I swear I wanna slit ur wrists too
But don’t listen to me, I’m frontin, stop, really
In case you wanna be that kid from Justin.tv
See? I move swiftly n keep em on toes
Give stranger a dirt nap, now he be john doe
Trust me, I kno, put away ya celly
I’m a hero, a fly nigga, Nathan petrelli
Now you kno how this sh*** could ride
My legacy is like oaks christian high
Don’t even try, you could go all out
Boy, I shut down all this emo sh*** fall out boy