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Dawn Diamond
NEWS   I am now holding a fortnightly acoustic open mic night at my local pub, Eddies, Birnam Road, Kirkcaldy, so if you are in the area on Wednesday 23rd April, or fortnightly thereafter, please come along and do a spot!!! I'd love to meet ya, love to hear ya!!!
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play hi-fi  'I'll Love You More' by the two Dawns
play hi-fi  'You'll Never Know' by Dawn Diamond
play hi-fi  'Farewell' by Erik Rosenfeld, Dawn Sinclair
play hi-fi  Just Like Gold by Erik Rosenfeld, Dawn Sinclair
play hi-fi  The Whole of You by Dawn Sinclair, Dawn Diamond
play hi-fi  No Passing Phase by Dawn S & Peo
play hi-fi  I'd Say it Was by Tammy Swindell
play hi-fi  'Real' by Dawn Sinclair
play hi-fi  Friends Forever
play hi-fi  'For A While' by Dawn Diamond
I am a solo artist/guitarist based in Fife in Scotland. I've written a few songs over the years and thoroughly enjoy doing collabs with friends and various very talented writers and musicians I've met here at SC.
I have always been a music lover, and always will be. I'd love to be discovered, like the millions of other hopefuls on the various music sites but first and foremost, I love what I do, just wish I could do it full time!!!
Why this name?
This is my name :o)
Do you play live?
Play live occasionally at local acoustic music club. Hope to do more in 2008
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I think it's great and gives us small folks a chance to be heard outside our own 4 walls. Opens up a whole new world and I love it !!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Your influences?
I love all genres of music and various artists:

Alison Krauss, Nanci Griffiths, Eva Cassidy, Leane Rimes, Beth Neilsen Chapman and many more!!!!!!!!!!!11
Favorite spot?
On stage at local acoustic music club, singing to my friends and family.
Equipment used:
An ole geetar, and EV mic and cubase