Frontliners are's new Champion. Our song Never Alone beat the competition in the last week's Stadium showdown and is now headed into "HALL OF FAME" We would like to thank you the Fans,, the Industry Reviewers and all the Christian Artists on Soundclick who voted for us!GodSonz, Verbal Chemistry Thank you guys for the support. God bless you all and Keep it Authentic for Christ!

"Never Alone" Voted
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3Dec2004 in Rap genres

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Frontliners - Christian Hip-Hop group from Queens, New York. The 2005 "MAKE A STAR.COM"Champion and "GARAGEBAND.COM" Top rated Hip-Hop/Rap group bring it home to urban youth. Using rhythm, rhymes and syntax that agitate the imagination, they go deep with a challenging message of conversion, commitment and the joys of living right with God. Their casual style is disarming yet there is nothing disengaged in their music or story of their faith journey. It is quick, and it is pitched to the ears and hearts of young people looking for meaning, hope and a way to experience the abundant life; Frontliners are unequivocal: it's not drugs, it's not sex, it's not in the exercise of violent, angry power, but the way to the joys of life is the way of faith, hope and love--the greatest, of course, is love. Frontliners duo consists of two siblings wise beyond their age. Both of Haitian background born in Brooklyn, New York. Jean E. Exantus discovered his passion for music at a very young age. He satisfied that passion by taking piano lessons, writing and recording songs on his own and perfecting his rapping skills. While living in Japan, he performed at many local pubs captivating the crowds with his exuberance and lyrical skills. He was known throughout the Japanese community as “MC HOOK”. A year later Exantus returned to the United States, and teamed up with Mainframe (A.K.A. Massive) and Style Skillz. Shortly after, the three went separate ways; Jean decided to further his musical aspiration by attending Five Towns College, majoring in Audio Recording. And smooth vocalist Nikiya Exantus-Singer/Song writer/Actress and Pianist. They consider themselves students of life. Featuring on many Frontliners' track is Multi-talented Award winning songwriter/Producer John G. Oplinger "AKA" Sinima.

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