Harvey Dent Beats
*New* Trap King
Knocks!! Buy the untagged lease for $22.99. Email DentBeats@gmail.com for questions. Follow me on Instagram @thatdudedent & Twitter @GetDent
Puma (Buy 1 Get 4 FREE)
Hip Hop
Buy 1 Get 4 FREE! | MP3 $30 | WAV $40 | Track Out $80| add 5 beats to activate discount. For inquires email YucBeats@gmail.com or call 323 627 8617
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play hi-fi  Hands Above
play hi-fi  Saving Grace
play hi-fi  The Land Fromunda/Smegma Bomb
play hi-fi  Chain and Key
play hi-fi  A Wrong Turn On Shlubadub
play hi-fi  Harshly Up Ass
play hi-fi  Waterboy
play hi-fi  CGord rock