A. Myren
Little Piggy on the Dancefloor (2013)
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My new video 'Little Piggy on the Dancefloor' is about poor animal welfare in the conventional pig production worldwide.
Nights in Berlin
New School
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Background: I (A. Myrén) began to create electronic music in 2003 when I bought my first Music Maker. I was 31 years old with hardly no or none background as a musician and very little knowledge of computers and music software for that matter. Still I soon knew that creating music was going to play a major role in my life. In other words once I started doing it I could just not stop again. I have been a creative spirit since childhood and have enjoyed to draw, paint, write with more, but creating music has so fare been my favorite way to express myself artistic. My music offer a great variety of different Electronic and that is all I can say to it cause 1. There are so many genre of electronic music and I´m not sure where my tracks fit in. 2. Sometimes I like my tracks to not fit in too much;) Let´s just say I like to surprise the listener. If im able to do that, to shock or surprise or emotional move the listener in any way then I am a happy artist as most artists would be. Of course I also enjoy when someone actual just enjoy to listen to my music, and often that is all there is to a track of mine, to simple just please the listener, at first myself, as much as possible. But sometimes I try to create something that contains several emotions, like for instance instead of going from happy to more happy, then going from heartbroken to happy in the same piece of music. To create emotional contrast, to take the listener up and down and up again like a roller coaster. Well at list that is my goal with some of my productions and if I have not achieved to do that to you yet with any of my music, maybe my future productions will succeed to take you there some day.


Release 19. November 2013 “Extend Loud and Proud”. ASound 2013.
Produced and mixed by A. Myrén through 2004 to 2010, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Mastered by Misjah@24Mastering 2013.
Distribution via tunecore.

Singles “Hey boys and girls”, “30 (Remix) [Remastered 2013]”. ASound 2013. Distribution via tunecore.

2006 to 2010 The X Collections via digidi.

Equipment: Current CUBASE 6, HP Notebook and Sennheiser Headphones. Before (music done before 2011) Music maker 2005 deluxe (96 tracks), lot´s of samples both Single note and melodics. Music maker´s various MAGIX synthesizers and a few free vst´s. Fujitsu Siemens pc scaleo t 3800 + and Sennheiser Headphones.

Musical influences: I have a very wide taste of music. I like Electronic, Techno, Rock, Metal, Classical and more. Through time lot´s and lot´s of music have influenced me. To mention some (out of many) musical influences in chronological order. I remember how (I think I was about 5 years old first time) The Beach Boys "Good Vibrations" made me overexcited with joy and still do sometimes. When I bought my very first album ever "Purple Rain" by Prince... Queen... Billy Idol... Frankie goes to Hollywood "Relax"... Jan Hammer "Crockett´s Theme"... Jean Michel Jarre, Iron Maiden, AC/DC, WhiteSnake, Metallica, Eric Serra "The big Blue"... Enya, Enigma, The Prodigy, U2, Madonna, Rob D...

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