NEWS   6/24/03- Created this page for my new name and added "Still Gamblin"
6/ /03- Added mine and G-Zus' new track, "Heretic"
7/11/03- Threw up my newest beat, "Know Your Roots" (a little slice of old-school) and decided to put the "Still Gamblin" instrumental up.
7/1/04- Added several beats in the past week. Cutting back at the gym means more time in the studio. Got Reason about a week ago and began work in it three days ago. It's the shit. Expect much more. I'll release short clips of instrumentals I was dabbling with on the other programs.

I'm now offering my production services. I sell instrumentals at decent rates. Contact me via AIM (IwounddLsoldierL), YIM (GalliumThaILLest), or mail (
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play hi-fi  Fat Chick demo
play hi-fi  Still Askin Why
play hi-fi  Alive at Last
play hi-fi  Pimpslap
play hi-fi  Monday Morning
play hi-fi  Vacancy (Instrumental)
play hi-fi  Riding the Fine Line
play hi-fi  Only Live Once
play hi-fi  Straight Outta Philly
play hi-fi  Canon
The Most ILLogical. Listen to the beats. Peep the tracks. Drop a line.
Why this name?
Metallic flow.
Do you play live?
Bust flows on the street, at work, at the gym, at school, or riding.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Let's artists and bands get their music out more easily and gives them the chance to interact with other people/artists/groups similar to them.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
(Then:)"When I felt the right offer came, I would. I'm now taking my music to the next level..."

I've reached the next level and then some. When I'm ready to sign anything, I'll go looking for them.
Band History:
September 2000- Started rapping

Winter 2002- Started rapping about emotions and life instead of commercialistic (even a word?) bullshit.

Late June/Early July- Began production seriously. Many pieces had been produced in the past such as Still Gamblin and Vampyric (a shitty attempt to do so). Late June, I started using borrowed instrument samples and created drum loops to make a few beats. Know Your Role was one (the trumpet). I decided to fully and produce my own material at that time and created Gabriel's Requiem.
Your influences?
Eminem got me into rap. Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park took me from rap to heavy metal and a mix of the two. Having listened to Sindustry at the time of my learning production influenced my sound. Spending the most developing years of my life in the ATL put some dirty south in there.
Favorite spot?
Now that I'm in Cocoa? At the gym or at home, hitting the heavy bag.
Equipment used:
Instrumentals: Hammerhead Rhythm Station, Orion Platinum, Orion Pro, ModPlus Tracker, Reason 3.0, Noteworthy Music Composer, Fruity Loops 3 and 4, and (THANK GOD) Reason. Recording: Cool Edit Pro 2, Tapco 6306 mixer, and a Shure SM58 (Cheap shit, but I can do the rest)
Anything else...?
Props to Tido Mac, G-Zus Kriced, Royalty, Vince, and Phil.

I am the ILLest. Nothing will change that. Cocoa is the place to be. Step into the ring or to the mic if you want to get knocked the f*** out.
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