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Stream of Consciousness, an year of life, respect.

Psychology. The conscious experience of an individual regarded as a continuous, flowing series of images and ideas running through the mind.

Images by Fric and Cometa
Voice by Kat Gogolevitch
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From Ostra (AN) - Italy

Cometa (Angelo Secondini):

Is a truly captivating artist of some considerable merit. Being able to create wonderful music and sound constructions in a very accomplished manner. He is able to capture many essences and feelings, in an emotive and touching way, being able to cope with the expression of moods and sensations over many genres, with an amazing ability to fuse everything from classical to electronic minimalism. As an artist, he is a very idealistic and philosophic human being, with a heart of gold. The latter being the best fusion that his musical expression can and does convey. I believe Cometa, the artist to be truly avant garde and at the vanguard of a musical revolution. Change through cultural means, is something I fully support and, in that sense, have a strong belief in that aspect of his beautiful creative ability. (presentation by Ivan)



Zen Nihilistisch aka Cometa

Cometa/Zen Nihilistisch


My music starts from minimal suggestions: a particular feeling, a little emotion, a quick image, a noise. I want to spread this suggestions in the time, in the same way as a photograph or a painting.
It's a simple minimal music: rhythm, melody and harmony are in the same plan. Thanks for your attention.


Angelo Secondini

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