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NEWS   Just released my new "Shining Through - Then & Now" Alblum. It is blues tribute to love that never dies. It's really just three versions of the same song. Listen to the Live 2007 version for the story behind the song.
Shining Through
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This song was first written in 1978. I wrote it for my girl friend then, hoping it would convince her to stay with me. It did not work, at least, for more than a month. I recently redid it now we are happily reunited 30 years.
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The Colorado harmonica legend known only as the Mad Dog has been playing solo and in bands for over 35 years. Renown for his raucous leads, funky rhythms, and raw and soulful blues, Mad Dog continues to expand his stylistic repertoire with his new CD, Harmonica: So Low ( and with his band Harmonica Loowinski (
Why this name?
Well the name Mad Dog just sort of happenned after a couple bottles of MD 20-20 in college. Everyone was calling me that the next day & I don't really remember what I did to earn the name. The name seemed to stick, especially after poeple saw me blow the harp.
Do you play live?
I am totally into playing live. That is why it took 35 years before I did a studio CD. I have to admit, I love the studio now, too. I am really pleased with how this project came out. Songs range from ones that will make you cry to ones that will make you laugh. I pulled off some sh*** on harp I am not sure I could do again & some tricks on the production end that are best described as beautiful accidents. "Landing" is unique cut in that it uses harmonicas with electronic manipulation to produce a trance-like state in the listener while "White Lightening"is a pure acoustic back porch harmonica blues holler with an open your heart message. The last track, "Harmonica Cadillac," is my favorite, at least to perform, and features the harmonica imitating the rhythm of an old cadillac sputtering down the highway.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
If you like something as weird as the harmonica blues you can now find it easily on the web. You can listen to Mad Dog anywhere and even get Mad Dog's solo harmonica blues ringtones! The internet allows independent artists artistic control at all levels. It's all too cool!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Sure, if I liked what they did.
Band History:
I am not really a band. Just a musican & poet writing, recording & releasing my own work.
Your influences?
I first heard Jack Bruce playing Train Time on the Cream's Wheels of Fire album when I was 14. When I realized it was a harmonica he was playing, I was hooked. My teenage trail of musical discovery then let through John Mayall to Son Boy Williamson. Once had I discovered the real blues, I was home. I breakfasted on Lightening Hopkins & Bukka White, lunched on B. B. King & Muddy Waters and dined on Willie Dixon & Jimmy Rogers. Now I am just fat with the blues.
Favorite spot?
Anywhere I can see the sky.
Equipment used:
Fender amps with tubes & 10" speakers. All kinds of harps but I am really loving the new Marine Band Deluxes. For mics, my Hohner Blues Buster rocks but I still like my old green bullet and have a couple Shakers.
Anything else...?
Full length previews of all of my tunes are available at my website (
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