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Owen Tate. Ghost of republicans past I spent the better part of the last 2000 years performing a criptic blend of Shock and Awe. Creating atmospheres of cult like hypnotism on influenced dance floors by driving rythms, phsycotic hooks and under tones deep into my subjets subconcious. Best known for featuring underground club whores, divas, and personalitys. I suply electro junkies and after hours addicts their sonic fix smothered in my trade marked blend of Sex Glam Gloom.

My latest over endulgance 06.06.06 celebrates the sinful, sexual, self annammered under belly of fabulous. I paired with some of my favorite clubland deviants and diva's to create the 06.06.06 underworld anthems. Centering on the theme of equal rights 06.06.06 is dedicated to Senator Bill Frist who failed to ammend The US Constitution banning gay marriage with his faith based discrimination on 06 / 06 / 06.

The 13 Sonic Snacks For The Self Endulgant Underbelly Of The Fabulous.
Twist Of Fate . Bump To The Beat . Every Body . Doll Factory . Suicide Doors . Black Leather . Shes A Rock Star . Shitty Kitty . Fetish Discapline . Ammoral Majority . Revelations . Could It Be . MySpace / Owen Tate @ The-Blessed.Com

The four songs on my player here are all originals. If you like any of them feel free to add them to your player by clicking the black button next to each song title. I have also done tracks with Tom Peep, The Blessed, Pharoah, Make Up & Mayhem, Foxxen, Rainbow Frite, Six Toed Sara, Danika, Kaspar, Lady Breaker,David Lawson, Scary Birds, Addambombb, Ryan Huston, Stasi Glenn, Scotty The Blue Bunny, Shealita Baby, The Right, Virgo, DV8, and Scandelle.

I am the resident DJ for the DickJohnson Group's "Kill" The Morning After Pill Party.

My website is The-Blessed.Com
My MySpace is MySpace.Com/DJOwenTate
My DList profile is Dlist.Com/OwenTate
My Residence site is The DickJohnson Group