king mico machez
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this is where the infinit possibilities of hip-hop,rock,the oldies,classical,gothic,electro,country western,and many different international music meet, this is graffiti-hop. I write it, produce it, perform it all by myself in my bedroom and nothin but my very heart and soul into this
Why this name?
mico, is short for miguel and machez comes from my fathers last name "machicote" - i used to go by mico "matches" which represented me being born year of the dragon and being a "fire" dragon.although i felt that i could keep his name in my name by spelling it "machez"
Do you play live?
my most special moment was emceeing for carlos soulslinger at global underground at master's club in myrtle beach s.c.
everyone stopped dancing to the jungle and just watched me n carlos rockit - they were entranced -
when i was done there was a sea of kids at me. telling me i was the best mc they've ever heard
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
i love the internet/mp3 age because its so much easier for people to express themselves to the world
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
yeah i sure would buddy
Your influences?
black crows - jimi hendrix - dj icee - plump dj's - lady miss kier (dee-lite)- method man (wu tang)- slick rick - pat benetar - andrew sisters -
bush - 2pac - radio head - bjork - stone temple - chili peppers - faith no more - run dmc - aerosmith - eminem - linkin park - lamb - jungle sky - dj goldie - grandmasterflash - afrika bambata - aphrodite - epmd - frank sinatra - rosemary clooney - groupo de mania - fulanito - adam f - mark farina - blurr - courtney love - foo fighters - seven mary three - many many more
Favorite spot?
myrtle beach - n.y.c. where i'm from - miami - tallahasse - charlotte
Equipment used:
sound forge to reason to acid to trax that the format the formula
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