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GRB Rd 3 Vs -Invy- & Black Jesus
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Grand Royal Battle Rd 3 Vs -Invy- & Vs Black Jesus
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Tue Jan 27, 2009
HipHop : Hip Hop General
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verse 1 (invy)

listen sweet cheeks, give ya gut a resting
u aint eatin me, poetic Cesar aint a f***in dressing
u really aint impressin these, listen pay attention
i see those double d's, pokin hard lookin large
needa to get sh*** off ya chest? unstrap ya trainin bra
ur the opposite sex, how cant u freakin see this
cuz ur a pussy, but u call it an inverted penis
why u soundin mad, when u dont really mean it
neva had a chip on ya shoulder, cuz u wud f***in eat it
im'a have to lean in, watch me get in that ass
u almost lost to tragic, and he can't even f***in rap
ur fat and trash, u belong in a hefty bag
dont needa dwell on ur flab, but i like to bust
on the fact if u clap both of ya nipples touch/
its sad, look how ya gut hangs cuzzin/
he can point his dick down, and still piss in his belly button
change the subject, lines u got none/
so ima make it public son, nobody feel ya
u a little debbie cupcake, a lack luster thriller/
yea u sound good, but inside its all filler

verse 2

i got the coffin, and the nails, no question im'a beat him
cuz this invasion's gonna fail just like iraqi freedom/
think u tight? ur not, i have to take the chance to/
get in that ass n wreck shop, like colon cancer
dont needa try to blast ya, u can't contend me/
think im soundin jealous, the way im gettin envy (In-Vy)/
him please? for u this battle wuz never fair
u wudn't have a 'real' 'chance', if u were a stallionaire

dont make excuses for ya nasal flow and low tone
claim the feedback in ur home is the reason why u suck
just bang on your wall, and tell ur mom to shut the f*** up
im thinkin wut son, i can find another reason/
maybe cuz ur 19, and ur balls sit above your penis
....................wuteva, take it or leave it
but believe it, i aint gotta reason to lie
u go set up, filler, more filler, why u try
if u got a free throw, u still wudn't get to a line
and u dont got a life, tell me how u have sex/
when u neva leave ur computer chair like proffesor x/
if u wanna place bets, go head please do
cuz only chips he stacks are mu'f***in pringles
see duke, u a fluke, here u dont mingle
only phat lines u got, are ya neck wrinkles

verse 3 (black Jesus)

i been waitin for bout a year to get in that ass
and its here, so its time to dip in my stash/
but now im sad i fear he's turned into a fag damn?/
cuz i hear, that jesus gets nailed by men
thats some nasty sh*** kid, so when u pass
this homo, hold ya ass, and pray he dont grip it
im too sadistic, son u aint no hero
ur only black jesus, so ur fans can be negroe
please tho, u just got 2 votes cuz i said negroe
dont say i gave u nuttin, now i think i shud
get back to ya sex life for a moment if i cud/
he hates basketball, but jesus alwayz on the hard wood/
pardon, me spittin on this fruity fairy
owning u's like cherry pickin, further proof i f*** mary
it aint no mystery dowg im mad scary
i can change history, killin jesus in january/
im rippin ur ass, only reason u got hope
is the fact u get an automatic 12 votes/
f*** ur followers, i can prove ya cowardness
u run to ya apostles, cuz ur pussy intolerant
son im made for this, again ur gettin slayed
turnin everyone athiest, jesus aint gettin praise
u dont say, this redneck's from GA
rappin in the back woods in his trailor park er'day
he said u wud, be the same, in his world
its okay to f*** boys, if u dont get girls sir
no wonder u sound like a fruit when u speak
guess ur state can only produce a georgia peach
why the f*** do u rap this, i havn't grasped
he dont got fans cuz he's wack, listen to his ass/
cuz once u go black, u dont eva go back
u and invy are homo's, u can't offend me
my dick swaggers untouchable, to put it simply
u jealous in this 3 way, u can't out last me?
so i wont judge him if he's got his penis in-vy (envy)
get it, i really cant spit it easier idiot
oh wait u both lack idioms, let alone metaphors
least u get enef's vote, cuz he's mad at salvdor
u sound pretty stupid, leavin me like ooo
jesus walks on water, why the f*** can't he flow
ur a redneck tho, there's excuse to lie/
i bet it wuz hilarious, ur ugly bi*** wife/
tellin her parents she's marrying black, and they both died/
hi, its racism, and its killin me inside
the irony of ur names a mu'f***in riot/
how hard ur tryin to take this killin in stride/
now i get to move on, thanx 4 the sacrifice
damn right im the champ, dont adjust ya screens
i donna needa try man, just to bust ya schemes
word is ur wack, and its obvious to see
he's the first black, no wigger here wants to be
please, sit it down, dont bother caring/
i didn't mean to son ya, but there's something bout mary
spare me, a cute intro like last year
that outshines ya verse, i'll make it real clear
incase u aint heard bi***....