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GRB RD 1 VS KriminaL
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Sorry aussie... u lose
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Sun Dec 14, 2008
HipHop : Hip Hop General
Take charge
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verse 1

move dude, im loose kid, i've stewed,/
for long enough, truth is im lucid/
bout to lose it on this no name f***
who u think u are duke to deserve this exclusive
ass rippin, am i bein too intrusive/
cuz who gives, 2 shits about this stupid
kangaroo ridin, goon bi***, show me where the proof is
that u can ride a beat, when i aint heard it so far
he's a kriminal, no wonder he spits behind his bars
he's a moderator, him and jeff have got relations/
but he's garbage, so i'll be nice, avoid an altercation/
take pride in ur job, try bein wack in moderation
lets have a conversation, im bein nonchalant tho
he hates the pussy, loves the meat, this man is so macho
cuz we know in the outback, they dont serve taco's/
no rules just right, u f***in tool ur not tight/
im bout to school this lucky ghoul, watch im'a train em'
u wanna be f***in ill? go stick ur dick in kraylen/
where's ya rhythm when u speak, u soundin foul/
he's no where near the beat when he writes, its like their pen pals/
how can u contend now, i done sealed ya fate
he's a f*** aussie, he cant even debate
wants to be steve irwin, cept he only wrestles trouser snakes
im aroused and amazed, think u leavin this round's a mistake/
beatin me's harder than takin the last piece of cake from dzk
i dont care if ur a moderator, go suck that jeff cock
think i giva shit, not! we know he's ya handler
ur a pathetic bi***, a wife of a janitor/
wut u think now, i'll tell u wut son/
u can cry bout losin, like laws will when his bi*** does
ur a f***in nobody, a piss on, got no game
think anonymity will end and u will score sum big fame?/
u wudn't get looks even wit the anonimous screen name
thats pretty freakin lame, dont u understand
u aint got no skills, even diddy'd say it man
blockin users from this board's the only way he'd make the ban(d)
rappin like a pimp, u aint a man, u frail bi***
check this aussie's pics, his chest dips, lets be honest
were in america, no barbie wants a shrimp on em/
lets get to the fact, this kat thinks he's a kriminal/
f*** bein cinical, im not kiddin u, i dont mind it/
long as u read ya rights to ya mic, so that sh*** can go (silent)/
im windin up, to grind this slut, see if i can write enough
punchlines, to silence son, but i, dont find it fun
i ride to find out wut, this idiots rhymin, cuz/
he's got no flow, delivery, lyrikz, none of the above,
stop thinkin that u somebody, come on man lets be real
we wudn't know ya last name, even if u were from who-ville/

verse 2

wanna know why, im spittin so long, ur an example/
im amped, and feelin, to stamp out this crap u spealin/
ur a fan, and now this fag's hands on a mans ass/
kriminal's cuffed, so he can get blown from the outback
damn, suck wit no pun, gettin dismantled/
ur not gettin no slack son, u wack f***, who brought him?
ur australian, kriminals not america's most wanted
go make a post about it, run to jeff, tell him ban me/
makin this bi*** cry over losin his doe, like bambie
unhand me, im too hard, someone go tell wird of pley
theirs a new god, 2009, salvdor's the f***in true boss
aint nobody gotta vote, this battles on lock/
cuz kriminal only puts on a good show during cops
kid u rock, son, im truely amazed/
cuz he forfeited 10 dollars, he's proof that crime pays
the time to play is over, nobodies gonna praise u
its easy to rip crime, even scruff mcgruff ate u/
how many aka's u got, and still nobody know him?/
all his aliases are f***in failures like d omen's
here's a news flash, u bein in round 2's
like janitors face, nobody will eva picture u
ur a lame name cunt, pardon me son
this kid crime's show is cancelled like dark wing duck