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Da AZ Playaz
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Book Gee (Book Smoov) Smoov reigns from Phoenix Arizona. We Representin some of what PHOENIX and TUCSON is about, and We are BLOWING up the SPOT!
Why this name?
We were sitting in the studio freestyling and we came up with a few names. D.A.P. is the OFFICIAL name, but Da AZ playaz is the name fa sho. We reppin AZ to the fullest, we sum playazz and it fit what we was doing and point we wanted to get across.
Do you play live?
We play live around the valley at certain venues. Mostly at kickbacks is where you can find us. We are completely underground, about to burst into mainstream.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
In the new age of ongoing technology the internet and MP3 sales\streaming audio plays a huge role. Artist that normally wouldn't have a chance to display their talents are given a huge array of ways to get noticed, make a name for themselves in an industry dominated by major labels.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Possibly. I own\operate my own label. For an individual like myself to sign with a major label I'd have to have FULL control over what my sound is, artist I work with etc. I dont want nor am i interested in having my personal sound tainted by a major label. The sound I create from TrunkTight Records of AZ is unique and I don't want it to change. If it did, it would change me as an artist, an individual and my perception as a music listener. A major label could help in areas of fully helping involved my sound on a technical aspect only.
Book gee
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PEEP GAME - Book Gee

Band History:
Book Gee (Book Smoov) Smoov reigns from Phoenix Arizona. He is the Owner/CEO of TrunkTight Records of AZ. We Representin some of what PHOENIX is about, and We are BLOWING up the SPOT! I Started Trunktight Records of AZ back in 1990. I've worked with some of the most talented artist here in AZ, and as a result I have been able to develope several Rappers. TrunkTight Records has been making a name for itself over the years thru its producing, making beats for atist and helping to put artist in the game. All beats/ryhmes are made INHOUSE. I am responsible for the creation of the beats/mixdown/arranging and recording. I have a degree in Computer Business and have been nuilding custom towers for ANY..ALL use for over 15 years. So if you need a tower built for your studio, get at me.

Get AT TRUNKTIGHT RECORDS at or for questions regarding beats or if you would like to collab with us. Holla

I am a contracted songwriter..composer with BMI so I'm already established.

Big UPZ to: Lessa Vee my Boo, Troy (T.L.), The Big Homie Pee, J-RO and her entire fam (I luv you girl!), Kiwi, Anthony get at a foo mayne, Chaka, Tre8 and LV, Mad Lou, Reggie, PSYCOTIC CYCLES (thanx for workin on my bike and helpin the homie out Joe, Aint forgot bout CHEF mayne-what up, and everyone who enjoys tha D.A.P. and Book Gee & the TrunkTight Allstarz music and supports us! Thanks for ALL you help Troy mayne., where ever I go, We go mayne-Homies fa LIFE! thats for ALL my homeboys and homegirl fa sho!

The CD Valley of the Gz' is almost done!!! I'll keep you posted!

Get at: <>
D.A.P. (Da AZ Playaz)

Websites are:

D.A.P. to get more information, buy ringtones and more!
Check out D.A.P. (Da AZ Playaz) on

TrunkTight Records of AZ to get more information, buy ringtones and more!:

Check out Book Gee & the TrunkTight Allstarz on

I'll send you ALL the MP3's for free doggy for Supporting us!! PEACE

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO IS SUPPORTING ME..OUR ENDEAVORS. And to those who are, i will thank ALL all you personally in person when Trunktight Records is BALLER status and hook EVERYONE up who has been kind to me and my staff! come checkus out!

Gee EnterTainment
Need Dope Azz Beats? Then Gee EnterTainment Is your
ONE stop place for those Needs. 1000's of beats just
WAITING for yall to spit on! Get at us for the Real
Shit in Beats. We are a master Beat creator and can
lease OR sell you beats for ANY project, commercial
or Radio spot. So when you are in Need get at a Gee!

We are a Proud affilaite of D.A.P.,
TrunkTight Records Of AZ, and AZ HipHop Connection

Click image above to go to where Gee Entertainment residez!

Your influences?
We have so MANY influences on our music. Leesa Vee and Book Gee have such a wide and diverse music taste thats tis hard to only name a few. But since we have to. R&B like Mary J, Aretha and Chaka andmore. Heavy JAzz artist like Bob James, Eric gale, Four play, Yellow Jackets, Spyra Gyra and more. Pop AND Country artist like Aaron Nevel and Tim McGraw, Reba. Rap artist like EPMD DJ Quik, Outkast, Dre, Snoop, E-40,LL cool J, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane and so many more!
Favorite spot?
Well, D.A.P. repps the entire state of AZ. Book Gee reps PHX and Leesa Vee is holding it down for T.U.C. (Tucson). So the collab only made the music more explosive.
Equipment used:
I have a custom built tower (I have a degree in Computers so I build towers for all the homies as well) with an AMD processor, 1 gig of Ram/100 gig of HD space, more to come. I run Protools 7, with almost EVERY plugin out on the market. I run M-Audio delta 1010. I make the beats on an Emu MP7 with a proteus and composer card with mo-phat. A karma or triton is soon to be added. I used to run a couple other workstations but the MP7 does everything i want it too except sampling., so thats what i need another workstation for. I really don't use alot of samples because of copyrights. I believe that i have such a wide musical interest and taste that I really don't need to bite off others sounds. PERIOD!
Anything else...?
You NEED to go peep us at: and for the most up to date information. We would love for you all to be art of the movement.
Book gee
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TrunkTight Records of AZ Affiliate

PEEP GAME - Book Gee

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