More Than Enough
"Getting more than enough when you dealing with me...I got more than enough" For more beats that are not available on the website and you want to hear snippets or samples of the music EMAIL
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Aesthetik was a band from Groton, MA that combined modern pop and hard rock. Formed in 1996, they played many shows throughout the New England area. Some highlights include the Middle East upstairs, TT the Bears as well as Locobazooka in Worcester MA where they shared the stage with national artists like Faith No More & Limp Bizkit. Sadly, Aesthetik disbanded in 1998.

Members include:

Andrew Burkus - Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Songwriter
Erik Zukauskas - Electric Guitar, B.. Vocals
Jake Fink - Bass
Eric "Vinnie" Bisceglia - Drums, B. Vocals.
Why this name?
Word is the name was partially inspired by the Soul Coughing song "Screenwriter's Blues"
Do you play live?
3/24/98 - TT the Bears Place, Cambridge MA

2/05/98 - The Phoenix Coffeehouse, Cambridge, MA
WFNX/Basement Magazine Acoustic Showcase,

12/14/97 - The Cafe Savoie, Manchester, NH

9/25/97 - The Fishtown Artspace, Gloucester, MA

9/21/97 - Locobazooka, Green Hill Park, Worcester, MA
Other bands: Faith No More, Cool for August, Limp Bizkit, Godsmack, and others.

9/05/97 - Sir Morgan's Cove, Worcester, MA

8/29/97 - The Fishtown Artspace, Gloucester, MA

8/27/97 - Sharky's, Nashua, NH
Other band: The Mere Mortals

8/22/97 - St. Patrick's Bingo Hall, Pelham, NH

6/26/97 - The Lady Liberty Cafe, Nashua, NH

6/21/97 - Stebans' graduation party, Hudson, MA

6/14/97 - Stebans' graduation party, Leominster, MA

6/05/97 - Tyngsboro Lyons Club Battle of the Bands, Dunstable, MA
1st Place - Other band: The MOB

5/30/97 - The Groove Concert, Woburn, MA

5/28/97 - Sir Morgan's Cove, Worcester, MA

5/09/97 - Club Metro, Northampton, MA

5/06/97 - The Middle East Upstairs, Cambridge, MA
Other bands: Fragile Porcelain Mice and Vertigo Black

4/19/97 - The Flat Street Teen Center, Brattleboro, VT
Other bands: Sector98, Fjlex, and Blu

3/29/97 - The Pepperell Community Center, Pepperell, MA

3/06/97 - The GDRHS Literary Magazine Coffee House, Groton, MA
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Music and the internet were in their infancy when Aesthetik rocked the world.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Considering they broke up in 1998, not likely.
Your influences?
U2, Extreme, others
Favorite spot?
Pelham, NH
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