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Oakman's Dreamland
East Coast
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play hi-fi  The Ice Dimension (Demo Jul-14-06)
play hi-fi  The Revelation of Love (Demo Aug-31-07)
play hi-fi  The Lighthouse of Alexandria (Demo Mar-13-07)
play hi-fi  The Burning Flame of Life (Demo Nov-12-07)
play hi-fi  Wings of Freedom (Demo Aug-29-08)
play hi-fi  The Glory of the Universe (Demo Apr-20-08)
play hi-fi  Wonders of the World (Demo Nov-28-08)
play hi-fi  The First Day of Summer
play hi-fi  The Tree of Life
play hi-fi  Beauty of it All (demo)
Oakman's Dreamland is Powerful Instrumental, Fantasy inspirated New Age with Ambient, Progressive Electronic, Ethereal, Bittersweet, Hypnotic, Calm & Peaceful tunes with a powerful Cathedral Atmosphere. There are also elements of gothic rock and heavy metal tunes involved.
Why this name?
Oakman is my after name. (It's 'Ekman' in Swedish). And my inspiration for "Dreamland" comes from the secret base known as Area 51, located in the Nevada desert (outside Las Vegas in USA), also known as Dreamland.
Band History:
My name is Tomas Ekman and I was born in Stockholm/Sweden in august 1970 in the star sign leo (the lion).

Oakman's Dreamland is my first solo project, a music project inspired by the ancient wonders of the world, the universe, the human life through all ages, forgotten civilizations, lost continents, mystic artifacts, fantasy, sci-fi, myths, legends and mysteries of the earth. But there is also elements of other things, but always with some kind of mystery involved.

Oakman's Dreamland was something that I invented back in 1989 and it was back then that I invented some tracke titles and dreamed of making my own music. I remember that I used to sit on cafes in Stockholm city back in 1989-92 and dream about making my own music and in 1991 I started to play guitar and in 1993 I started to take guitar courses on an evening class, at Kulturama in Stockholm and later I also started to play keyboard.

Back in the summer of 1999 I recorded the first album The Lochness Enigma and in 2000 it was finished. After the first album I wanted to experiment with other music styles, so I started two new solo projects known as Deep Sleep Society and The Space Navigator, both with other music styles (can be found here at soundclick).

In 2001 I started to record a new album and in 2002 I released the second album The Mystery of the Pyramids at and

I released Lost Tales (a demo CD) and 1999-2003 (a best of CD) at and I also recorded and released the album Ancient Worlds here at soundclick.

2004 and 2005.
I recorded new material for Oakman's Dreamland, but nothing was released, instead I recorded 4 albums with my other solo project Deep Sleep Society.

August 2006.
I started my fourth solo project called Astral Caravan (and released the debut album in october 2006).

December 30, 2006.
Crossing the Rubicon was released after three years in the making. My music was also part of some audio dramas.

My music was part of even more audio dramas.

September 2008.
My track The Journey to the Center of the Heart was used into a little art video by John Fekner & Don Leicht.

December 15, 2008.
Wonders of the World was released after near two years in the making.

August 9, 2009.
Happy 10th anniversary to Oakman's Dreamland!!! :-)

Some demos was recorded, but nothing was released, instead I recorded albums
for my other solo projects.

July 18, 2011
The Tree of Life (the new EP) was completed in june 19, but released in july 18.

I made music with my other music projects. :-)

August 1, 2014
The release of Wings of Freedom: Demo Recordings 2006-08. Also "happy birthday" to myself. ;-)
And I almost forgot... Happy 15th anniversary to Oakman's Dreamland!

And that's the story so far... Greetings from Tomas

(Latest updated: July-18-2011)
Your influences?
Kaipa, Flower Kings, Tangent, Black Jester, Gandalf, Mike Oldfield, Vangelis, Lake of Tears, Marillion, Genesis, Yes, Asia, The Mission, Lycia, Estraya, Tangerine Dream, Pink Floyd, Saga.
Favorite spot?
By the sea (Under a nightsky full of stars).
Equipment used:
INSTRUMENTS: 2 Electric Guitars, 2 Aucustic Guitars, Bass, Micro Korg Synthesizer, Ensoniq Mirage Digital Sampling Keyboard, M-Audio Keystation 49e MIDI keyboard, AKG Acoustics D70 Microphone, Shure Beta 58A Microphone, Peavey Rage 158 Amplifier, Yamaha FX 500 Simul-Effect Processor & E-Bow.

HARDWARE: Three computers (used on different recordings).

SOFTWARE: Pro-Tools, Cubase VST64, Sound Studio II + Acid (for recording). Sound Forge, Cool Edit 2000 + Wave Lab (for sound editing and mixing).
Anything else...?
The Lochness Enigma '00 <> The Mystery of the Pyramids '02
Lost Tales (Demo recordings 99-03) '03 <> 1999-2003 (The best of) '03
Ancient Worlds '03 <> Crossing the Rubicon '06 <> Wonders of the World '08
The Tree of Life (ep) '11 <> Wings of Freedom (Demo Recordings 2006-08) '14

Ancient Dreams In Space '05 <> Ancient Dreams in Space II ' 10

- Behind Darker Projects (by Elie Hirschman) '06-'08
- Saga of the Grog & Gryphon (by Bill Hollweg) '06-'07
- Turn (Art video by John Fekner & Don Leicht) '08

This is projects made by others where my music can be heard.
See my reviews for more info & links about this!!

Deep Sleep Society <> The Space Navigator <> Astral Caravan <> Oddworld Explorer
Tears From Dystopia <> Subconscious Domain
Wings of Freedom (demos, 2014)
The Tree of Life (ep) (2011)
Wonders of the World (2008)
Crossing the Rubicon (2006)
Ancient Worlds (2003)
1999-2003 (best of) (2003)
Lost Tales (Demo recordings 99-03) (2003)
The Mystery of the Pyramids (2002)
The Lochness Enigma (2000)
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