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Instrumentals with Hooks
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The SolitaireOne
Left Alone (x Frenzy Frenchy)
New School
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play hi-fi  I DID (Who?)
play hi-fi  NO MORE TIME TO WAIT
play hi-fi  LA LA LA
play hi-fi  WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL OF MY LIFE (cover)
play hi-fi  Back Beat Style of Music Comes Back Again
play hi-fi  FOREVER
play hi-fi  Youre The World I Adore
play hi-fi  'I Wonder What's Go'n On'
play hi-fi  I Wonder Whats Go'n On (without string backup)
play hi-fi  Happy Blues
The SolitaireOne is a two person recording studio band. The members each play a number of instruments. The band does not play any public venues. Just record music and share it a couple places on the internet.

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